Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year! 2011 in review

Better late than never, but Happy New Year!

Todd and I had a low key new years eve. We did take the kids to Monkey Joes which is a bounce house place for kids in Castleton. They were quite unsure of what to do in there. There are 2 bounce houses that are for kids 3 years old and younger. It took Grey a few minutes to get used to the bounce house that we were in, and since he was on his first day of antibiotic ear drops because he has an ear infection, I think it was loud in there for him too.

Owen was less adventurous than I thought he would be. He stayed pretty close to us, and just sat back and watched people and bounced a bit.

Lilly was the social butterfly, pointing and crawling over to random children. Grey actually really got into it once he got used to it. We had to take him out of there kicking and screaming literally. He did not want to leave. After that, we went to a Mexican restaurant in Castleton, and it was so nice to be able to take them, and not feel like they were spinning out of control. They ate really well, they were pretty well behaved... and Todd and I actually got a few bites in between cutting stuff, and fetching sippy cups. It was a good evening. We went to bed a little after midnight... and that was that! This is them on an alligator in the bounce house! I had muscles that hurt Jan 1 that I forgot I had!

I wanted to review 2011 in writing. A year of triplet toddlers is a challenge, however I don't think until you see it in writing do you realize how much of a challenge it really is. I know there are those that would like to see us more, and without a doubt, I'd like to make it up to Kendallville in N. Indiana at some point soon. I have come to understand that you won't please everyone, and you have to go about life as you live it, and ultimately do what you have to do. I'm attempting that.  This is long, so read it if you see fit. You will have to correct the typos yourself, cause after writing this, I won't want to reread it for a while.

January 2011.
Grey still had his NG tube in his nose, so that was taken out every week and we were still trying to bottle feed a little bit. He then had to be retaped frequently, as he was getting pretty darn crafty at taking his tube out. That was usually done on Sundays so he could have his face tape free for most of the day, and we could get lotion on it. It got pretty chapped, and often times a little bloody from being dry, and the adhesive remover and adhesive that was on it constantly. Grey was still getting feedings via pump every 3 hours. (I don't miss that pump! OR that tube for that matter) That month Grey had 5 doctor appointments, a swallow study, 2 sets of labs, and xray to look at his bowels in preparation for a g tube, I had a dentist appointment, I had bronchitis, and between Lilly and Grey, they had 15 hour long therapy appointments in January. They also all got their RSV vaccines on the 14th, which would lead to 3 days of grumpy babies. That was monthly from Oct 2010-April 2011. Grey was still on 12 medications; one dose of something every 4 hours.  This picture was January of 2011.... Wow, we've done a lot of growing!

February the basement was started. That lasted all month. We had an ice dam on our roof, which led to a new ceiling in our great room, dry wall asphyxiation, which resulted into a week in Muncie with everyone and the dogs. We also lost power, and spent a night in a hotel. i had my 33rd birthday. Grey got labs once, 14 therapy appointments amongst all of them. Jasmine also had to go to the vet 3x for a UTI. Grey was still getting feedings every 3 hour for 1 hour via pump. He still had his NG tube. Mom and I cleaned our house from top to bottom in preparation for everyone to come back after the drywall mess. Todd took 2 business trips because he started a new job this month too.

March was an ugly month for ear infections. Every week we were at the doctor for someone having an ear infection. The basement was finished. Grey had a study to look at his bowels in preparation for his gtube, which he had surgery on March 19th. He was in the hospital for a few days there. I also got an ear infection, and Todd got a nasty cold too. Grey had 5 doctor appointments, and 8 therapy appointments.

April resulted in a lot of hospitalizations for Grey. We were battling what we now know as reflux, he was vomiting and getting dehydrated. 3x this month we were in atleast overnight with Grey. He then ended up doing continuous feedings, and had his NJ tube placed. This tube was a royal pain. It went into his nose, down to his stomach thru that, into his small intestine. That tube could not be taken out at all. It had to be placed under xray by a doctor, and if it moved even an inch, he'd have to go back to the ER, and it'd again have to be placed by a doctor via xray. This was because we fed him into his small intestine, and when you feed through the intestine it has to be in the right place, or he would reflux and vomit. The feedings had to be continuous because the intestine is not flexible enough to have a large bolus of feedings placed into it. Grey was on feedings for 18 hours a day. Todd also had a week long business trip. 2 MD appointments, and 9 therapy appointments. April also resulted in ear infections for Owen and Grey in different weeks.

May, Grey had another surgery and had his NJ tube discontinued. He had his GJ button placed, and this had to be replaced twice this month, once each week until the last week of the month. This was a procedure that required anesthesia etc. Todd had his 34th Bday. 2 nights in the hospital for Grey being dehydrated with his tube not working well. He also had an ENT appointment. Grey then got tubes in his ears the last week of May. Grey also had an MRI of his brain. So 5 rounds of anesthesia for Grey in May. 7 therapy appointments. Todd also had a week long business trip. Still doing 18 hours of feedings, via feeding pump. He also got his "baby" this month. This was his GJ button that was vented to a diaper because he had so much nasal drainage related to his ear infections in April and May. This diaper was wrapped up and placed in his onsie! lol

June was their 1st Birthday, and their 1st hair cut! I had a business trip the second week to Ohio. Their birthday party was on the 26th. Grey had 3 doctor appointments this month, and 12 therapy appointments. Grey was cleared from the metabolic specialist this month, and he had 3 sets of labs to follow up on this. He was continuing to get feedings for 18 hours a day via pump. Lilly and Owen saw the eye doctor along with Grey. Owen again had an ear infection the last week of June.

July I had a business trip to Virginia. I was starting to have hernia issues, and pain when lifting the kids. (I was wishing it would just go away) I went to see the surgeon and had a CT scan for the first time. Grey had a gastric emptying study and an upper GI procedure. We later found out that Grey was just wanting attention in the middle of the night. This was the beginning of the end of Grey as a roomie with Todd and I. Lillian was released from occupational therapy! YAY. Only 7 therapy appointments this month. Lilly had an ear infection, and Grey also got a post op ear infection. Both had 2 rounds of antibiotics. 6 doctor appointments They also got their 1 year shots! THAT was fun! Grey was still being fed via pump 18 hours a day. Becca also left us! I hurt my back, and ended up in the ER. 2 days off work and flat on my back for that! ;(

August- Ashley our new sitter started. I had a colonoscopy. Grey was in the ER for his feeding tube possibly acting up. Ended up, reflux. Owen had another ear infection, there was a NICU picnic. I went to Chicago for a bachelorette party! YAY!!! Becca had a shower for what is now Leah! Todd had his summerfest trip to KS City. Lillian had a nasty cold that lasted for 3 weeks with diarrhea. 7 md appts, 8 therapy appointments. Grey started seeing a therapist for feeding stuff as well.

Grey had his feeding tube replaced urgently Labor Day weekend. By this time St. V ER knows us by name :). 8 therapy appointments. Grey had his eye muscle surgery. We had window estimates all month, and our carpet cleaned through-out. We saw Grey's liver doctor, and developmental peds doc... Dr. Brei. Dr. Brei told us Grey would take a little while to eat. Still getting 18 hour feeds via pump... that will start to slowly decrease. I had my surgery on the 26th, and came home Oct 1st. I was then off for 4 weeks. sheww... Glad that is over! All 3 had a bad cold that infected everyone that came into our house right before both Grey and I had surgery. Feedings for Grey were give all night, and 3 hours during the day via pump. If his feeding tube comes out, I have 10 minutes to get a catheter in the hole before it closes, and 2 hours to get to the ER.

October was a month of ear infection and GI bugs for all 3. Owen had an ear infection and virus that lasted all month into November. It was a month of 12 md appointments, and 8 therapy appointments. We also added speech therapy to help with Grey's eating. He also had a swallow study, and a set of labs. We had 3 monsters for Halloween! 15 month shots were a DOOSY!!! Grey was getting feeds all night, as well as 2 hours during the day via pump. Owen is teething, and not sleeping well at all! (Molars)

November led to persisting ear infections. Owen had hives so bad for 2 weeks I was convinced he had hives or the measles! Grey had a follow up eye appointment. We had family pictures. Thanksgiving was great... Grey is now getting 8 hours of feedings at night in his tube, and one hour in his tube during the day. We added a dietitian to the mix of appointments. I had a cavity filled... I felt pretty recovered from my hernia surgery at this time. 7 therapy appointments. Owen is teething and up many, many nights. (Canines)

December things are looking up! Grey is done with his feeding tube as a trial. Grey then pulls his feeding tube out to seal the deal... Jasmine went to the vet for UTIx1. I had 2 meetings for therapy for next year. Grey had 2 appointments with doctors. He is now taking everything by mouth! GOOD THING, cause he no longer has a feeding tube. We hosted our family Christmas here on the 17th! Grey ended the year with another ear infection.

Wow, that is tiring just typing it. I am glad that I kept all of this in my pocket calendar. It will help me when I look back and wonder where the year has gone. I have high hopes for 2012. Grey has no feeding tube. I am hoping that the illnesses subside with the ears! We have 3 walking little munchkins, and slowly the therapies are going away. They will start preschool in August 2 days a week. I look forward to seeing them grow and mature.

Cheers to a wonderful 2012!