Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry 1st Christmas!

We had a Merry 1st Christmas. A very Merry Christmas indeed.

Last weekend was Christmas with my family. That went well. Chaotic, with children now, nonetheless, but it was nice.

Our old Christmas tradition and new one are about the same. Todd's parents come down to spend the night on Christmas Eve. We usually go out to eat, or cook in. They will spend the night, and we open presents that Santa has brought.That is what we did this year as well. Although we usually get ample sleep... however that did not happen this year, and I have a feeling will not for years to come. As you can see, Grey, and Lilly are less than happy here.

But, a few hiccups. Lilly was sick. She didn't have a temp, but you'd never know if she did, because I kept her loaded with tylenol. She had a snotty nose, decided a few feedings not to take her bottle. So, 630pm Christmas eve, I'm making a last minute mad dash to CVS for some Pedialyte in case she decides eating isn't her thing for the next day or so. She had little rosey cheeks, and screamed for the majority of Christmas eve, and day. We made a quarentine play mat for her, so she didn't infect the others.

Owen started to get sick on Christmas night. I loaded him with tylenol, and I don't feel like he got it as bad as Lilly did. Owen continues to have a deep hoarse cough... but no fever. He's grumpy, but he is getting better.

Grey pulled his NG out a few times this weekend. I think he was wishing us a Merry Christmas. It's still a lot for him to be that stimulated with all the lights, extra people, and different things going on. All and all though, I feel like he is doing better and better with that. He still loves the ceiling fan!

Last night we took pics of them in the chair. Lilly and Owen were stacked there waiting for Todd and I to retape Grey's NG tube, and then he got added.

I love this pic. Lilly and Owen with their rosey cheeks from being sick. Grey has decided he is not going to look at Todd taking the picture. He is more interested in the ceiling fan! We tried as best we could to keep him seperate from them so he didn't get their disease!
I think the Christmases (weird seeing Christmas plural in writing.... it looks mispelled!) will get more fun. This year, opening gifts was the last thing they wanted to do. Chewing on the wrapping paper however was very fun. I look forward to all the Christmases yet to come!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happenings... and pics

Well, my Christmas tree blog will likely not happen!

We had my side of the family Xmas on Sunday. It was very nice. We ordered pizza to keep it easy, and it indeed was much easier. The kids got a lot of toys, and some bath seats that were much needed! They also got a "My baby can read" set... that will be fun to try! Grey got a bit overstimulated, so he and Todd spent a lot of time upstairs chilling in the nursery. He still gets a bit overwhelmed!
We got a few headshots of the kids. Owen is sitting on my lap, and Todd got a pic of him there. He looks like a darn toddler here!

It cracks me up! He is so funny. He now is jabbering, and will be an Indian if you pound on his lips when he is making noise. He gets a kick out of that!

So, we tried the same with Lillian. Lilly is quite the busybody... and this first one, is the funniest picture that she has taken. It was dark in the room, and the Xmas tree was behind her... but she was startled by the flash! I know it may seem a bit mean to post this... lol... But, this picture cracks me up everytime I see it!

Here is the pic of her after she got used to the flash!

I can't say she really likes her bow... but she will wear it anyway!

We weren't that cruel to Grey. We ended up doing an Xmas card through shutterfly, and sent those out as well. Here is Grey's headshot! He is growing so fast!

He loves to look at his fingers, and so, he has his hands up a lot!

Here is a picture that we didn't end up using for the card, but it was cute. Do you know how hard it is to get all 3 to look at you, and smile, or not cry etc.... IMPOSSIBLE! lol. Grey still looks kind of jaundice here... but he is looking better and better each day! We are so happy with his progress!

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Update

It's been a while!
An update on all of us...
Grey is doing very well. We have increased his feedings, and he is tolerating that very well. He is doing well in all of his therapies, and is now starting to raise his feet to touch them. He kicks a lot, and is starting to make different noises when he is cooing. He continues to be a happy boy most of the time. Grey is sleeping very well at night, and if the feeding pump wouldn't wake him up, he'd sleep even better!!:)

Lillian is quite the character! She is starting to squeal, and definitely wants us to know what she wants. She is growing like a weed. Now she is in 6 month clothes and sleepers. Lilly still has the heaviest head she thinks. She will hold her head up, but holds it sideways. We have increased her tummy time because of that!!!

Owen is doing well! He is growing so much. He is in 9 month sleepers, and is about ready to grow out of those! He is so long. He holds his head up very well, and is probably a week or two away from sitting up. If you tap on his mouth, he will make noise, so... he's an indian part-time too!

The dogs... yes, they are great too. They are truly enjoying this snow, and Jasmine thinks that Grey is her baby. Jasmine has always been drawn to sick people etc. For example, when I had my ankle surgery, she guarded me. She knew when I had my surgery on my uterus when I was pregnant with the triplets. She just has that intuitive nature. She thinks Grey is hers. When he cries, she comes to get us. If he is on the playmat, or in the bouncer seat, she will lay by him. She is very interested in him! Hendrix spends a lot of time under the dining room table. He likes his "alone" time!

Todd and I alive! Our Christmas tree is up! We put our old tree up, and we had to move it because of all the baby stuff from where it was the last years. We couldn't get it to stand up, and stay up. So, we bought a new tree. Our new 9 foot tree is now standing in the living room, and looks wonderful. Becca Franklin did a blog on her tree, and the different ornaments that she has on the tree, and I am going to try to do that... I thought that was neat. There are now more ornaments on our tree, with great meaning. Everything means more this year. I have NO... yes... I have NO!!! Xmas shopping done yet. I will be buying everything online this year! sheww!!!

I have some pictures that I want to post, and I will do that when time allows! LOL!!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

getting along

We are all getting along well. Nights have been a bit different than just with Lilly and Owen. Grey and I have been sleeping downstairs with all the beeping from his feeding pump, and apnea monitor.... we don't want to wake all the troops up.

Grey is adjusting just fine! He has 3 appointments a week with therapies. Speech was today, and he did very well. The plan is for him to take a bottle 3x a day, and then we will do a swallow study on Dec23. This will determine, whether he has another surgery for a G tube, (tube that goes thru the stomach, directly into the stomach for feedings), or if we keep forging ahead with his feedings with the NG tube in. The speech therapist said she thought he would pass the study, and he wouldn't need a G tube. He took 2 bottles today, both with about an ounce each. That is excellent for him. We go next week for a new pediatric doctor at Riley next week, Dr. Brei. He will help with his feedings, and manage his labs etc.

Lilly is doing well. She is eating more and more. I can't wait to see later this month how much she has gained. She still does not like her tummy time, and despite all our efforts, her head control is better, but not super yet. She did roll from back to belly today, but finds it not necessary to be on her belly to roll to her back.

Owen is starting to babble a lot. He has had some rosey cheeks tonight, although his temp is ok, he's been a bit fussy. I am praying he isn't getting teeth yet. I just need another month or so to get things more routine around here.

All things considered, we've done really well managing around here. I am quite pleased that our routine is for the most part in full swing, and doing well.
Grey is settling in here, and considering it's only been 2 weeks that he has been home, and had before that spent his whole life in the NICU, I think he is doing spectacular. He is trying to put toys in his mouth, and touching his feet sometimes. He's gonna be caught up before we know it!