Thursday, December 2, 2010

getting along

We are all getting along well. Nights have been a bit different than just with Lilly and Owen. Grey and I have been sleeping downstairs with all the beeping from his feeding pump, and apnea monitor.... we don't want to wake all the troops up.

Grey is adjusting just fine! He has 3 appointments a week with therapies. Speech was today, and he did very well. The plan is for him to take a bottle 3x a day, and then we will do a swallow study on Dec23. This will determine, whether he has another surgery for a G tube, (tube that goes thru the stomach, directly into the stomach for feedings), or if we keep forging ahead with his feedings with the NG tube in. The speech therapist said she thought he would pass the study, and he wouldn't need a G tube. He took 2 bottles today, both with about an ounce each. That is excellent for him. We go next week for a new pediatric doctor at Riley next week, Dr. Brei. He will help with his feedings, and manage his labs etc.

Lilly is doing well. She is eating more and more. I can't wait to see later this month how much she has gained. She still does not like her tummy time, and despite all our efforts, her head control is better, but not super yet. She did roll from back to belly today, but finds it not necessary to be on her belly to roll to her back.

Owen is starting to babble a lot. He has had some rosey cheeks tonight, although his temp is ok, he's been a bit fussy. I am praying he isn't getting teeth yet. I just need another month or so to get things more routine around here.

All things considered, we've done really well managing around here. I am quite pleased that our routine is for the most part in full swing, and doing well.
Grey is settling in here, and considering it's only been 2 weeks that he has been home, and had before that spent his whole life in the NICU, I think he is doing spectacular. He is trying to put toys in his mouth, and touching his feet sometimes. He's gonna be caught up before we know it!

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