Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Better late than never....

January and February AND MARCH!!! blog FAIL!!!  It's been busy of course.

Christmas was good. The kids got a lot of presents. They really enjoyed the idea of Santa this year, although didn't completely grasp the concept. We did spend night after night driving around finding yard blow-ups, and went through Reynolds display a few dozen times... YES, DOZEN times. Each time, they would mention the same items in the display. Lilly got to the point of sounding like a tour-guide, "Santa Claus out Lilly's window, comin up." Each time she knew we were about to see something, it was always.... "cooominnnn uppppp". Quite funny. We had a very nice time spending the holidays with our families. Of course, it was so nice to take the decorations down, since the kids would not leave the tree alone. I'm hoping next year they are a little better about it. We did take the kids to see Santa again this year. Owen screamed, and Lilly and Grey sat there, looking terrified. But, we got the picture and the memory!

It's winter, so we have spent a lot of time back and forth to the doctor. Luckily the man reason is NOT Grey's ears. It's been ugly colds, bronchitis, fevers, etc for all three here and there. I will be so glad when this phase passes. As a whole we are having sleep issues with Lilly and Owen mostly. Owen insists on sleeping with Todd and I. It's something we get bad at when he is sick, and then it's hard to talk him into sleeping in his own bed when he is not. He had an appointment with a new ENT to check on his tubes, and he has an appointment to have his tonsils and adenoids out April 22nd. I think this will also help his sleep. He snores a lot, and also is very jerky, and jumpy when he sleeps. I have noticed when I hold him sometimes in the night that he does stop breathing, or breaths very shallow for periods of time, so I'm guessing he has significant apnea. The ENT said that he has very large tonsils, and therefore, we can do a sleep study, but may end up again back there with little to no answers. So, we opted to just do it. I think it will help him all the way around. Lilly just doesn't think she needs sleep. She doesn't like to nap, and she definitely doesn't want to go to bed at night. ugh... I could go on and on, I will spare you. Nonetheless, there is not a lot of sleeping going on around here.

We just discovered that Grey has some return of reflux. So, we will attempt to change up his diet and we saw his GI diet, and he is on some medicine... will keep him there for a few months, and try to wean him off. But Grey is doing great. He is talking super. Can't all the times make out every word, but no doubt he has a message, and knows what he wants to say.

Todd and I had the opportunity to get away late February. We took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. We stayed at an all inclusive, adult only resort called Pueblo Bonito Pacifica. I will spare you those details as well, and actually typing them makes me long to return quickly... but we had an excellent time. The kids did well with the grandparents. I think both the grandparents and the kids were happy we returned! Here are some pics to get you updated. I will try to be better.
OH. and my sister is getting married May 11th. I am Matron of Honor. That has kept us busy. Last weekend was the shower, this weekend is the bachelorette party. sheww.... BREAK.... HERE WE GO!