Monday, December 17, 2012

December 3 years ago.... Our IVF story

Why this post is important to me, I don't know. But, I wanted to do this last year in December, but didn't get a chance. December 2nd 2009, we did our second fresh IVF cycle. For those that have not had to go thru IVF... a fresh cyle is where your ovaries are carefully stimulated to make many follicles (eggs). This is usually by injections daily, ultrasounds and lab work every so many days... every cycle, every woman is different. I wish I would have kept a blog of my thoughts and feelings back then. In fact, I did... but I erased it after rereading it several hundred times. It was too painful to read. I just couldn't do it. I wish I hadn't.

After it is deemed that your follicles are ready to be fertilized, the woman is given conscious sedation, the man gives his sample, and they are fertilized (hopefully) by an embryologist in a lab. They are observed daily. Ours made it to a 5 day transfer, meaning they were let to grow in a petri-dish (for lack of better terms) and hopefully turn into a blastocyst, or even better an expanding blastocyst. At 5 days of dividing, this is where they should be, and gives them the best chance for survival inside of the uterus. (Mind you, I am just a nurse, but not an infertility professional).... But, Todd and I have been thru 2 fresh cycles. That is the short version, not containing all of the emotions, anxiety, medical procedures, and waiting etc. After that 5 days, they are put into a syringe like device, and injected into the woman's uterus. Then... the wait begins. You may start your menstrual cycle (worse case scenario), or you go in for a lab draw usually 9 days after that transfer to see if you are pregnant.

And so, when it works, you have a picture of your kids 5 days after they were fertilized. Before they were implanted into your uterus to grow. Before they have developed all of their organs, before they have gender, their personality, their name, their everything.

Now, when Todd and I went through this December 2009, we had in our mind that this was likely our last fresh cycle. Emotionally, we were spent. We would have discussed it further had it not worked, but that was the plan going into the cycle. After talking to our doctor (Dr. Kenneth Moghadam) who was then at Jarrett Fertility in Indianapolis, and has now started his own practice in Austin, Texas... We decided together that after having an early miscarriage with our first fresh cycle, nothing with our second frozen cycle, the third cycle, which was our second fresh cycle... I wanted to transfer 3 back in if we could. When we arrived that morning, the embryologist gave us a picture of our embryos and it had 2. I said, Moghadam and I (and Todd)  had discussed transferring 3. By the way, I cannot, (CANNOT) say enough good things about Moghadam. He is honest, fair, empathetic, compassionate, and reasonable. The best thing, he is good at what he does, and he loves what he does. The embryologist said, ok, I will go pick the next best one. Out came the next picture with the "next best" one. lol. That may bother some of you to talk about your children this way... but.. it doesn't bother me a bit. I laugh at it. I have 3 beautiful children. And, I have a very early Maurer triplet family picture. I have no idea who is who. One can only speculate who is who in this picture because, Owen (baby A) was always about a day ahead of Lilly, and therefore I conclude was the expanding blastocyst. Lilly was (baby B) and she was again, about a day behind Owen, and was a blastocyst I conclude, and Grey (baby C) I think was the early blastocyst. He was the smallest. He was the last developing, his yolk sac was biggest the longest, and it just makes me conclude that. And... I just have that feeling. So, that is what I think.
Then, following is the picture of them being injected into my uterus with a little saline flush. I remember laying on that table... (bladder full)... just laying in there, and said a prayer, and quickly ran to the bathroom! :)

Introducing their first, second, and third picture together!

They were much quieter back then.....

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Petri dish updates

So many updates and pictures, so little time.

We have been sick since about August with some sort of crud. Take Grey out of the mix even... Lilly and Owen, me, mostly. This time around Todd got the sniffles and a cough too. The cough is just relentless. My in-laws get everything the kids cook up in their little petri-dish bodies too... luckily my mom works at a large pharmacy... so, I think she is immune to about everything. Nonetheless, today and yesterday we are without snot. For that, I am thankful!

My brother got married last month. Lilly was in the wedding, and did spectacular. She really took to the other beautiful flowergirl that was in the wedding. She was 7. They hit it off immediately, and that was a blessing. Lillian walked down the isle just as she should have. She even wore her "pettee dess, and pettee shoes" and left her hair bow/flower thing in until it disappeared somewhere between the wedding and the reception. After she was done walking down the isle, she was promptly escorted to me via a few people, as I knew she would not stay up there in front of all of those people, and then she went to the back of the church... and duty called... eh, hmmmm. She had to poop. I think it was a combo of being scared, and just needing to go. Lilly is my little constipated girl, and well.. she had  been working on it for a few hours I think. I was happy she was escorted out.

I was so thankful that my inlaws were there, as the triplets were NOT good, repeat... NOT good for more than 2 minutes in the church. They didn't even get to see the bride walk down the isle. Todd and his parents took the kids out in the hall to a coat room, and they played and colored, and I was able to watch the wedding from the back row. I was happy to have seen their vows etc. It was a beautiful event. I was very happy for them, and glad that we were able to attend. The kids were so happy to see a dance floor. Seems they knew what it was for, and what they were supposed to do. Immediately before they even started the dance music, just the dinner music, the kids were out on the floor, doing what looked like a toddler worm, breakdancing... etc. It was funny.

Halloween followed not too long after that. The kids were all Mr. and Ms. Potatoheads. They were all so different for trick-or-treating. Lilly was all about the candy. She has been affectionately nicknamed "Honey Boo Boo". That little girl loves her candy. She calls suckers, "sucker-balls". No comment. I think it's likely because most suckers are shaped like balls. But a child relentlessly yelling "Sucker-ball Mommy, Sucker-ball" is a bit embarrassing. Owen didn't care if he had the candy or not, if it meant that he had to go up to the door. Grey was all about going to the door, and he would at times give others candy that were trying to give him candy, OR, he would reach his little hands in the bowls and take a bunch without permission. It was a toss up with him.

They had their daycare/preschool pictures. They were so good.

Grey almost spent the night in the hospital. 104 temp, lethargic, vomiting. IV fluids, and IV antibiotic. He perked up. I think it was just an ugly, ugly virus that got him down. Nonetheless, I'm not against using antibiotics just in case. Sorry. I am just not. Never again will I buy cupcakes with blue frosting. After chunks of blue icing vomit...  let's just say we won't be having those again.

Yesterday was the day that Grey came home 2 years ago. If you are unfamiliar with his story, or pictures of them all back then. It's worth a trip back to those dates. He's come a long way. Knock on wood.... I hate to even type this.. But, I think his ears are good. He passed his sedation hearing test on all frequencies, so he has thankfully suffered no hearing loss from all of this. He will occasionally when scolded, hold his ears, or arm where his picc line was, and let you know he had "owie" there. He's quite the manipulator. He has been using 2 words together quite frequently... and his speech, and play skills have been progressing so much since he can... well, since he can hear now. He is quite often the instigator of battles around here. I think he gets the brunt of what his actions have caused, and I usually see the retaliation. Grey can't cash the checks that he has written at times, so he has to be protected from himself. He can be seen hitting and running from Owen. Owen=40lbs, 40 inches. Grey=22lbs 34 inches. Get it? Grey doesn't....

Owen on the other hand, does know that he is large and in charge. That child is big. Just big. Proportionately big... and surprisingly enough, he is the pickiest eater of them all. BUT, he LOVES MILK! As my mom said this week, "He doesn't let any grass grow underneath him." and indeed he doesn't. He is always on the move. He is the biggest helper of the 3. If you ask him to go get something, or help you with something. He is the first to nodd, and smile, and be on his way. Owen can be found (in the coldest room of the house) stripped to his diaper in his crib, so he can be up against all of his 6 silky/velour blankets in his crib. Why he doesn't use his crib as a hurdle, and jump out, is beyond me.... but I am SO thankful he has not figured out, it would be incredibly easy and fun for him to do. Since Owen usually gets his colds in his chest, he has the hardest time sleeping when he is sick. He does have an as needed nebulizer treatment machine that we utilized  as a comminal treatment mask these last few weeks with this terrible cough everyone has had. He finds himself frequently in our bed in the middle of the night when he is sick. He says, "nuggle wit daddy". He loves to lay and snuggle with Todd. And, it's hard to argue with him when he spoons with Todd, and they are both back snoring in a matter of 2 minutes from the time that little blonde head hits the pillow. But, then it's hard to break once he is not sick. That is where we are now. urgh.

Lillian. My dear little chatterbox Lillian. She is a momma's girl to a fault. We are currently having issues getting her to sleep at night without rocking her for hours, yes.... HOURS at night. Last few nights, it's been 11pm before she decides to give in. It used to be that when I'd rock her, I'd put her down, and she wouldn't even be asleep. She'd just fall asleep, babbling, or whatever. Then it has slowly progressed at night to a battle. If I put her down, she will often wake up after I have rocked her. Then she can be heard, "Mommy rock you, please, mommy rock you". (gotta love toddler grammar) Over and over, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Mommy. It's enough to make you wanna change your name. If you don't go up there, she will start yelling DADDY, OWEN, GREY.... Seriously. Once I go in there again, she is so hysterical. I hate to see her like that. But, she will say when I go in there, "Mommy, I love you, I love you, you have pettee hair, such pettee hair. " The list goes on and on. "Please no bed, Ninny scared." OMG...... More to come on that I'm guessing.

We are going to start Magic 1-2-3. We have to start something for the fits, and tantrums, and the physical assaults that happen around here. I talked to the peditrician, and he just told me that there are few people that can imagine having 3 (2) yr olds at home, and yeah, it would feel like they run your house, and having 2 boys in the mix is going to result in having some physicalness. THANKS!... lol.

Todd and I got away for a night, and went to a spa/casino in southern Indiana. It was great. I don't think the kids were too great for my mom and sister in law, but... they all made it. We rescheduled our Cabo trip for the end of February. We are both looking forward to it.
I have to admit, since about the time Owen broke his leg, and then all of Grey's ear issues, I have put myself on hold. I need to renew my self care, and put myself back in priority as best I can.
Here are a few pictures from the last month or so.
                                                      All 3 actually sitting still...
                                                   Grey running on the pier
                                            Lilly smelling flowers at Ft. Harrison
Owen Running!
                                                  The boys... so different, yet... so very similar!
                                                     Love those little Grey buns!
                                                              Picking out pumpkins...
                                                                   Poor kitty....
                                                                3 Potatoheads!

 Oh... the dreaded blue cupcakes. Not again... for a long, long time. As  you see, Grey must not have been feel

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ode to my brother Troy

This weekend my brother is getting married in Ft. Wayne. I’d like to say a few words since I am not the best man…. ;)

Lillian is in the wedding as a flower girl. I take no responsibility for her actions, she is 2. Let’s hope for the best, and pray that she likes her co-flowergirl! Now that I got that out of the way…..

Let me tell you a little about my brother via my prospective. Troy is a very bright boy, always has been. For about 2 years he had legs that were 6 inches long… no joke. I can say that my brother and I are likely “closer” than my sister and I. Although that changes at times. Tyann, my sister would say that Troy and her are closer as well. Troy and I are 8 years apart in age, and I think that is why we are closer. We have nothing, yet so much in common.

Troy and I have a lot of personality traits in common. We both care way too much for and about people, and can let our emotions get in our way. We both think before we speak, yet still say what we know we should not…. (although, I have matured out of this bad habit a bit, it caused way too much turmoil for me). We both played sports, and enjoy them. We both care way too much about what others think of us, again… I too have matured a bit more than he has had the opportunity to do yet.

I am so fortunate to have my brother and sister…. Really we take this for granted, and Todd reminds me of this, as he no longer has his beloved brother Travis.

Troy and I have been through our ups and downs. He has watched me go through things perhaps he didn’t understand professionally, personally, and in relationships. And I have done the same for him.

I have watched him grow up, from this little boy… to a man, getting married. It’s unbelievable. My hope for you and Jessica is this Troy…. Be mindful of each other, take care of each other. As you already know, but be sure to keep in mind along the way… it isn’t always perfect, nor will anything be Cleaver-like EVER. Have fun before you settle down and have kids. And, when deciding on how many kids to have, leave the 0.6 off of the 2.6 average each American family has. Stick with 2 ;). Lol! Be good with your money. Love each other. Communicate. Pray.

I love you both. Be good to each other. Treat each other like you are all each other has. Don’t quit, don’t give up. Marriage sometimes sucks, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. It’s work. But just know when it becomes more work than it is love or happiness, then you know, you have some real work to do!

Best wishes Jessica and Troy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Fungus Among Us, literally

Well, Grey’s procedure went well last week. He got new tubes, cultures, and ear washings. His Picc line has been a pain, but a necessary evil, and definitely less of a pain than his feeding tube that is for sure. I cannot say that Grey has embraced his IV.He would like to think that it is invisible, and when it has to be flushed, or the antibiotic is hooked up, you literally have to tackle him and hold him down. Today was the first picc line dressing change, and that was…. Less than fun.

Grey and his Picc line pictures. I try to tell him it's his airplane... here he is trying to make it fly.

Good news and bad news about the cultures from last week. The bacteria is gone. So staph, and e-coli, gone. Super. But, yes… you guessed it, he has aspergillus in both ears. That of course is a fungus. Being that there is no fda approved antifungal ear drop for people that have holes in their ear drums (tubes), we are left trying to be innovative. I cannot even go into the exhaustive story about how we got to this place, but we will go tomorrow to have some antifungal powder blown into his ear by his ENT NP, and that will last for 3 days. After that, we may end up doing some over the counter lotramin solution. Then it’s back to see ENT, and Inf Disease md next week. We will continue to do the IV antibiotics until we know that the ears are dry, and the fungus is under control. I feel like, for the first time, we have the right team on the case. I am encouraged, because for the first time, I think I have heard Grey jabber, and babble more, and try to make words, and sounds more today and yesterday than he has ever made. There was a cup dropped in the kitchen today on the ceramic tile, and it startled him so much, he cried and covered his ears. I sincerely don’t think he heard much of that stuff before. Again, he heard enough to follow commands etc, but not enough to try to annunciate, and communicate effectively for his age. On the other hand, I feel like this kid is a ticking time bomb… little fungal balls sitting in his middle ear, just waiting to migrate to his central nervous system. Oh, if only I wasn’t a nurse.

Todd and I ended up delaying our Cabo trip until February…. Sigh. That is all I can say about it without being tearful ;)

Lilly and Owen are doing super. Preschool/Daycare is going great for all of them. Owen had a fearful time, and cried during drop-offs; but not anymore. They all wave, and we are on our way. Lilly is our little social butterfly. She likes to see her friends, and rock the baby dolls. Grey likes all the different toys. I think Owen likes to be the observer. He definitely likes the outdoor toys, but is a people watcher for sure!

I think they may potty-train themselves if we don’t get onboard soon. They are currently telling us “pobby” and disrobing, and taking their diaper off, and each time, or darn near each time, they will go to the use the toilet appropriately. Urgh. Seriously, just not geared up for training yet. But, they may leave us in the dust.

Allow me to jump back on my soapbox again. Hoping this will be the last time for a while… or nobody will read… lol.

Sooooo, the Colts coach Chuck Pagano is sick. He has leukemia. Turns out, new diagnosis, and a pretty favorable leukemia if there is such a thing.  The news for the last 3 days has been “showing support” and the players have been at the Simon cancer pavilion, and, they installed the NFL network into his hospital room so he could watch the games.  In fact, they are leaving the light on in his office until he returns. Great. The second story on the news website tonight is about 560 patients that received a medicine that was tampered with, and one person has already come down with fungal meningitis. Over a 20% mortality rate… that would be for just taking a medicine… unknowingly… Look, I hope that Mr. Pagano does well. He seems like a nice man. Seems like a good guy. But not every person that gets the diagnosis of leukemia gets a 2 hour long press conference on every local channel, and the whole city rallying around them, having t-shirts with their names printed on them, fan mail, care packages, and their co-workers (pro athletes) visiting the hospital to brighten the days of the patients. I hope that all of this brings awareness to Leukemia, illness both young and old for those sitting in their Colt’s box office even when it doesn’t affect one of their own; even when it doesn’t get publicity by the local news, or their agent asks them to, or “make a wish” contacts them. Don’t get me wrong, I could care less if I was sick, and a celebrity came to my room to say “Get Well”. Ask Brooke Schaefer. When I am sick, I have a few choice words for anyone that will listen… (Todd may enjoy a celebrity visit though J). AND, when my kids are sick, I am even worse. Ask any St. Vincent Women’s anesthesiologist…. I don’t’ have a good record with them.  But, really. I find all of it annoying. How about a spotlight on a single parent trying to take care of a sick kid, or a spotlight on how most people can’t have their famous boss get them into the cancer center the next day to see the oncologist, and have to wait for a few weeks with anxiety… you get my point. I hope Chuck gets better soon, but not because the Colts will benefit, or it will affect me personally…. But, because he is human, and he puts his pants on one leg at a time just like you and I, and I don’t want to see him nor his family in pain. Maybe, just maybe I know too much about how it worked in transplant at “that” facility, and I know that doctors and executive management teams are just salivating to get those VIPs in asap. Urgh… Good Luck Chuck… But also, good luck to those that are up on the BMT floor fighting for their lives too.

Off my soapbox.

Here are some pics from the last month or so.

                        This is Owen at the Fishers Fall Festival
                          Lilly with her beloved balloon at the festival
            Grey with this war wounds(thanks to Owen), at the festival.

All 3 at Ft. Harrison, we had what Todd calls a "Ladybug picnic". (Sesame Street Reference)

 Rare to capture all 3... they were running... HARD, they slept very well.
                     Lilly and Owen liked the leaves, Grey... not so much.
                     Grey was too busy on the move exploring.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Not Making Friends In September

Yeah. I’m really not making too many friends yet this month. If you are in a bad mood, don’t read this, I don’t even know if this will be anything more than rambling and venting….

I know Todd may say otherwise, but I try not to “feel sorry” for myself often. I really don’t have time. I do work full time. My job seems to have more and more responsibilities and change very frequently. Todd and I both just had to travel for work in the past 2-3 weeks… so, there really is no downtime to think of “WHY”?

I don’t even really know where to start my rant about how I am feeling, other than WHY this can’t be a bit easier? I get I have triplets, I get I have multiples. Trust me when I say, I remember the heartache of infertility, and the thought of will we, or will we not have children. I went through my own grieving for that. This in itself is a different grieving. AND, let me say if I were going through infertility and read this, I would just hit the X, and close it and chalk myself up to being a whiner.  

So, my litte Grey. Those ears. The ears slid backwards. Back to drainage, back to hurting, despite no change in treatment.. still on antibiotics, still on ear drops as well. We are on week 7. We recultured a few weeks ago and still, ecoli. Can’t be a reinfection, must be still same infection just hasn’t gone away. I trust our ENT. I wouldn’t have picked him had I not have known him, seen him in action etc. I worked with him. But, staying the course wasn’t going to work for me. I demanded to have an infectious disease consult, and indeed called for another ENT opinion. Great minds think alike, because that was also the plan he had for us at our next appointment. He however doesn’t have to see my child get further and further behind in speech, constantly have his finger in his ears, tell me several times a day he has “wa-wa” in his ears because he cannot hear well, and they are so plugged up. That doctor does not go in, in the middle of the night, only to see a new little spot of blood on his blanket or sheet where his ear has drained, or see a 2 year old smile when he sees you pick up the ear drops, because I’m guessing it gives him a bit of relief… no, he doesn’t. I do. We do. And so, a day late, dollar short. I’m done.

So, our new ENT… Dr. C. Miyamoto(thanks to my mother in law for calling in a favor and getting us in asap) , and our infection disease doctor Dr. Belcher have a plan… sort of. Grey did 1 full week of antibiotic injections in his butt. He is very bruised. Also, he is on another oral antibiotic that I myself as a nurse, have only given to patients that have had tuberculosis or meningitis. It’s strong stuff. His CT scan showed lots of scar tissue in his ear, therefore, not a surprise that his speech is lagging a bit. Also showed the start of bilateral mastoiditis, and although we are not going to surgery yet to remove the mastoid bone, that isn’t out of the question in the future. And, then the real kicker, and I guess the real shocker to me is that his immunity labs came back having a lower than normal immune system, and although I won’t know what that all is about until I talk to Dr. Belcher yet tomorrow, I hope that this is, something that he will overcome when he gets older, that it’s the answer to the infections, that it will not entail a whole lot of injections, it will not hold him back for a “normal” toddler life, or kid life… and then wondering if its because his bowel was resected so young, and he didn’t get those antibodies because breast milk and formula really wasn’t absorbed nor given for a long time in his young days. I’m hoping that is the case.

So, that leaves me just… pissed I guess.

Allow me for just a second to wonder why I can’t just worry about the petty things that I see others worrying about. Even others with triplets. Comparing the 3 of them, or how much it changes their life, if they can still keep up with the Jones’s, am I teaching them enough, do I have enough structure for them, am I spending enough time for myself… seriously… I’m just angry. I know, feeling sorry for myself. But my poor kid that just cannot get a break. I think of how lucky some parents are that don’t have to deal with this, and those that may think their journey is difficult, or their kids journey is difficult because of bumps or bruises, or a broken bone, or whatever….

Add to that, my mom had her gallbladder out on Friday, and today was readmitted to a Ft. Wayne hospital with increased liver enzymes. I can’t be there, dealing with all that is going on here… Add to that, Lillian has a sinus infection and ear infection. Add to that Owen was still limping earlier this week, and has an MRI scheduled next week if still limping… BUT, perhaps I can cross that off my list, he has gone a few days without limping.

So, maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Maybe I just needed to type this out and I will feel better. And, I know God will only give you what you can handle, but at what point can I act as if I cannot handle anymore instead of just allowing things to pile on and on and on. And, to those that have a rosy life, can you not handle anything? Or if the biggest thing in your life is what kind of coffee you are going to have in the morning, seriously, get a grip. I know we all have issues, but really. I just need a break.

On a positive note, I know it can always be worse. In fact, we’ve had it worse. In fact, there are people now that I know have it worse. Perhaps this one long gripe is just asking for all of you to be patient with me, and to pray for us, all of us. September is an emotional month for the Maurer family as this is the month of Todd’s brother’s birthday, and also the month that he died. It’s just….. we really could use some good news, and maybe some downtime.
I have some pics from our weekend outtings I'll add later when I get time.

I’m not proofreading. Probably should have put that as a warning rather than a statement… lol J


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ears, sticks, stones, and broken bones...

Well, it's been a while. A complete July blogging fail I guess.

I think about blogging weekly, and what I need to say, and what I want to say.... and then it never gets done. I can't even recap what has gone on in the last 2 months completely, but I'll give it a shot.
We have had many trips to zoo, museum etc in the last 2 months. I will include some pics.
All 3 at Geist park running in different directions

Grey and Owen hugging. Love the size difference!
Owen looking at Lilly without shoes wondering WHY and HOW??
Grey running, he loves to run in the park!
STICKS! The boys loved picking up sticks.It was stormy the night before these pics.
All 3 the the Bears.
Owen's couch diving incident.
We had a very nasty virus after their birthdays, I believe in July. Grey ended up in the ER with a very high temp, and vomiting.Grey got his second set of tubes, this time it's a medicated coated set of tubes... and then he came down with an epic ear infection. After 2 md appts, his ear drainage cultured e-coli. Um..... your guess is as good as mine how he got e-coli in his ears. He isn't even a kid that has his hands in his diaper. The only real thing we could think of was playground equipment, our kiddie pool, picking up random dog poop from the yard?? I have no idea. Nonetheless, he is going to see ENT weekly, as well as a month-6 weeks of ear drops, and oral antibiotics. Since we are almost 3.5 weeks into this, his speech has improved drastically since treatment has started. Wondering how long this has gone on in his ears since he has had lingering infections on and off for nearly a year now.

Last week we started day care/preschool at a church about 1/2 a mile from our house. Todd and I took the kids for about an hour the friday before we started and I felt uneasy about how they would do. We went at snack/playtime. The triplets did not want to sit and eat a snack with the other kids, and were basically clinging to our legs. Grey refused to pick up the toys that he tossed on the floor, and also decided that he would dart in and out of the 2 year old room as he saw fit, as well as into other rooms at school. He did not want to sit on the chair and play with the toys, nor did he want to sit and listen to a story. He wanted to do what Grey wanted to do. I left there wondering if Grey was ready for this transition, and if he was emotionally mature enough to be in the 2 yr old room. I know that Grey can manipulate, and will try to get away with what he CAN get away with. I know others have said that he will conform, but, oh.... I had an uneasy feeling of how he would do. Lilly and Owen just looked like deer in headlights. Lilly nearly cried when the class started singing, and Owen did not want to sit on the floor for story time. urgh...

We have anticipated starting daycare for quite some time, but it was very anxiety provoking for me. The night before I thought I was going to vomit, and felt myself wondering why we ever decided it was a good idea. I knew in the back of my mind this is the best thing for them to get them out of the house, get them into an environment with more kids, help them learn from different adults, and kids, work on their social skills, and help them in all aspects of their little lives. I packed their lunches with the help of Todd, as he gave me pep talks the night before, telling me that we have been extremely lucky to have kept them home for 2 years, and that it's a testament to how hard we have worked with Grey and all of them for that matter, that now they are ready to be integrated into a 2 year old environment and classroom. All of which I knew, all of which I understood, but it was still amazingly hard to think about.

August 14th am came, and really pulling into the parking lot I wanted to turn around and pull right back out, but we unloaded, Todd was there with me on his way to work. The kids had no idea what they were in for, but funny enough Owen started saying, "No, No, No" as he walked down the hallway to the room. We went in, talked to the teacher for a few, said our good byes, and really I thought I would cry, fought back some tears, but once I walked out I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. They stayed for a half day. The report was that they cried for about 45 minutes. When my mother in law and I went to get them, they were all happily playing outside with different kids, in different areas of the playgrounds. It was so nice to see them playing with different kids and thriving. Grey indeed rose to the occasion, and he conformed.... not even running in and out of the room like he did before! I contiue to underestimate that child.

He's still cute....
The kids came home and took a nap, and Owen got up from his nap limping. I first thought his foot was sleeping, or cramped. Then I thought maybe it was a toenail, that was red. But, the next morning he wouldn't bare weight on it. Todd took him to the ER, and they found nothing but told us to follow up with an orthopedic md in the morning. That night he held his knee and said "owie". The next morning we went to St. Vincent's pediatric ortho mds. Indeed the doctor thinks that likely he has a fracture in his superior growth plate in his knee. His symptoms point to this. When he walked he wouldn't bend his leg, walking "peg-legged". It is almost impossible to see on xray because the growth plates are so much like cartilage. The cast is on for 2 weeks. It is waterproof. He hates it. He can walk, but chooses not too right now. I think that he remembers the pain he had when he was on it before, plus he feels uneasy being uneven on it. Hoping we can get him taking a few steps soon. He would be much happier if we could get him a bit more independent.

The next fracture waiting to happen
He can't help to run.... off those calories
We went to the St. Vincent's NICU  picnic today. It was nice to see some of the doctors and nurses that took care of the kids. The primary nurses that took care of the triplets weren't there, but we did get to speak with some of their friends, and also the doctors that were around. Since I still keep in touch with all the primary nurses, we missed them, by they are just a text or phone call away! That is always nice! It was nice to hear the complements about the kids, their growth, and how well they look. It's nice to hear that "You would never know how sick Grey was, he looks so healthy, and happy." As he was chomping on cheeze-its that were on the floor of the wagon, one can only laugh at that. Even though we are still struggling with keeping the pounds on that little man, he eats like a horse, but he works like a horse too. Who would give anything to have heavy whipping cream in your whole milk every day and butter and cream cheese in your mashed potatoes and still lose weight? As we played at the playground the other day, I look over to see Grey doing pull ups on the slide, and it's a wonder why the child loses weight monthly.
Lilly after picnic
Grey and Lilly playing with the wagon
Telephone Grey, Mom and Dad want to tell us one broken bone per year quota is met this year!
Lilly has been on cruise control... can you tell? The boys have been the majority of the blog so far, but she is the talking queen right now. She repeats EVERYTHING. Yes, even the things, you stop and think to yourself, "man, I shouldn't have said that." Yep, she has already said it. She babbles to herself all the time, and just LOVES to sing. Ring around the Rosie seems to be a favorite, but since they started daycare, The wheels on the bus seems to be the one she has sung lately. Lilly refuses to keep her shoes and socks on, even when running around on playgrounds or out in ours. Mulch, stones, doesn't matter... she runs around bare-footed. It's beyond me how. She doesn't flinch. She seems to be interested in pottying in the potty often. It usually occurs in the morning when she insists on going. She will wait to go on it until she has to, and sometimes it's a battle of the wills. She has gone on the potty numerous times, but it's mostly a game. Nonetheless, it's good practice, and she knows what to do.

Wow, I think that is it for now. I will try to do better.:)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday

We had a very Happy 2nd Birthday celebration for Owen, Lilly, and Grey. They enjoyed a bunch of presents, catering by Boston Market, and a good Elmo cake.

I will not bore you about all of Grey's ear infections, and Lilly's severe reaction to Amoxicillin that landed her in the ER, and Owen's seizure caused by a sudden high fever..... All caused by strep. (URGH!)
But we have had other eventful things this June.
We attended the Indianapolis Air Show. There was a "Balloon Glow" which was the most adventurous thing we have done with the triplets (yes they are two). We have not kept them out late, ever. We got them home about 10pm, and they were exhausted. We got some great pictures though.

We have made multiple trips to the zoo and one to the children's museum this summer. The kids increasingly enjoy these trips. It's so awesome to see them pick up on different things that they did not last year. Their interests continue to grow.

They got their two year pictures taken. Mom and I took them to Picture People in Castleton. The pictures turned out decent for what we had to work with. The kids were... let's just say.... not great. Although Owen posed like he was a model! One pose looks like his senior pictures.

They got cozy coupes for their birthday. They really enjoy those, along with their new sandbox, that I think they will soon learn to enjoy.

Last night I went to Fort Wayne for my cousin Kara's wedding. I had a great time. It was so nice to catch up with all of my friends and family. So many people I have not seen in such a long time. Makes me realize how much work Todd and I have put in to raising the kids these two years.... and not only that, but the pregnancy, and all that it brought as well.

Today we went to our friends the Myers triplets' house for their 2nd birthday party. They really enjoy playing with each other, and seeing other toys. Grey and Owen took turns kissing McKenzie. Leila went to bed early because she was too excited to nap before the party. Lilly enjoyed trying out their swing set, and Charlie played in their pool they had set up. I cannot even express what a great friend their mom Heather has been and continues to be to me. Love Her!

Here is what the kids are doing now.

Owen continues to be the biggest of the trio. He is the most sensitive. He takes it the hardest when he is told "no", or is reprimanded. He is the most passionate about things. Currently, he has several things he LOVES: Shoes (ones that light up, or red ones preferably), socks, balls, his cozy coupe truck, books, blueberries, matchbox cars, trucks, popsicles, MILK, (whole milk) Elmo, bubbles. He loves to go outside, and just run. Run up and down the sidewalk, yard, wherever you will let him. He still loves his silky blankets. He likes to slide, and climb. He does not like bugs, or Sesame Street characters such as "Harry" that is rather scary looking to a 2 yr. old that thinks he has a big "nose". Owen does not like eggs. Any consistency either. We will keep working on that. He had his 2 year checkup and is off the curve. That is above the 97% curve in both height and weight. We will be switching him to 1% milk. I fear he will not like this. We tried to switch him to skim, and he just started launching his cups. Dr. Riddell just said, Owen will be a big boy. He is proportionate for his weight and height. He is the pickiest eater. But, he obviously is getting the calories somehow, guessing it's the milk. He likes meat too.... and loves his fruit. Owen is very kind to his siblings, and at the same time can be very rough. He is the first to go get them their cups of milk if asked, or if they are crying, he is the first to go pat them. He follows commands very well, and knows exactly what you are talking about when you ask him to do things. He is talking more and more. The thing that makes me smile most about Owen is when he first sees you in the morning, or after work, he will run across the room and almost tackle you with a hug. That little big man is so sweet!

Lillian continues to be the talker of the trio. She is the kisser and hugger... and can be seen leaning in for a kiss, and tackling Grey for a hug frequently during the day. She loves to wash her hands, put socks on her hands, comb her hair, watch Elmo, bubbles, books, watermelon, musk melon, kiddie pool, bugs, talking, disrobing, rocking on any chair that will move, being nude, pot pies, popsicles, remote, music, dancing, any phone, I feel like I am forgetting many of them. She does like bugs. She likes to squat, wave "hi" to ants, pick them up, squash them and tell them "night night". It's quite funny. Dr. Riddell said she is in the 40-50% for wt and height. We will be switching her 1% milk as well. She really isn't a picky eater, but she is in the right range for where she should be so that was his recommendation. She is our sneaky little one. She is the one that will sit at the top of the drive way in her little cozy coupe car with her feet up, and roll down the drive way into the street as fast as she can. This is despite being told time and time again not to. This is the quickest way for her to lose her cozy coupe privileges, or for everyone to go inside. Although I don't think they quite understand those consequences, it's usually just about all you can handle to chase her into the street once, and she will do it again. Lilly isn't scared by much. She can be shy around strangers, but usually if they are "boys" she is usually pretty outgoing. Telling them and naming every body part she can point to. I'm going to have to keep an eye on that little girl.

Grey continues to strive to be the best he can possibly be each day. He is an amazing little guy, with the personality of a giant. He loves to give kisses, and hugs. The child has no fear, which isn't necessarily a quality that is desirable. Grey is the one that plays by himself the best. He likes to sit and nest cups, or sort things, put blocks together, or gather toys and put them in bags or boxes. He continues to say more words, and show more interest in saying more words. He likes his Elmo, dancing, balls, his cozy coupe, match box cars, loves ringing his doorbell in the playhouse, climbing... oh, his climbing, sliding, outdoor playhouse, hide and seek, peek a boo, books, pounding on the windows, drawing (with his left hand), push popper, running in the grass, throwing landscaping rocks, climbing up to sit on any chair, hiding in curtains, getting in cupboards, kissing mirrors, shoes, socks, sunglasses. He isn’t' really scared by much. That is scary in itself. He isn't a picky eater. He loves his condiments, Ranch dressing, and Ketchup namely. He likes to take off and run down the sidewalk without permission, and that will get the other two to follow as well. Dr. Riddell measured him in the less than 3%. We continue to work with a dietician. He is gaining weight, and growing appropriately, but he started out small. We will continue to work on it. He will continue to work on it. He has a very sweet personality. When he doesn't want to do something he will run, and hide his face, as if, you he can't see you, you can't see him. This little man smiles constantly, and continuously amazes us by doing things that 2 years ago we dreamed he would do. The will of Grey is very impressive at the very least.