Sunday, August 29, 2010

VICTORY.... for now

Victory over OWEN!!!!

The last 2 nights he has slept between his feedings. What is different?? Well, I think the increased amount of formula I've put in his bottles. He is taking around 4 ounces at night, and I think that keeps him more satisfied.

Lilly on the other hand is having some vomiting issues. Not just spit up... vomit. I called the peditrician Friday, and we switched formula to Similac Isomil which is a soy based formula. We are mixing it to get 22 calories per ounce, instead of the standard 20 calories per ounce. She has slept in the carseat the past few nights, and it seems to have helped. The minute you lay her down.... she vomits all over again. So, the carseat it is.

Grey is doing well. GI surgery set his reconnection surgery for Sept 15th.... which, just doesn't work for me. They said the 6th-15th.... and I have said before that I thought it was just to keep me "quiet" but, to then say the 15th.... really makes me a bit unsatisfied. I am going in tomorrow am to talk to them and see if we can move it up. 1 week more is just a lot for him, it's a lot for us, it's just too much. I will see what they say.... the worst thing they can say is no, and I might still stomp my feet a bit. His IV access is not really sitting in the right place because he has grown, and they are going to replace that in surgery, which is just one more reason to do it early. SO, I'll see what they say. If they could compromise to the week before, I would be happier.

Here are the latest pictures of the little man....

Here he is talking to Mommy.... Then after I told him he had to stay a bit longer....
This is Grey with his favorite stuffed animal the frog!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Cross

Update: Lillian and Owen are doing great. Since the wreck, they have been no different. Cementing the idea that we all should have infant carseats. The truck isn't a total loss. It has $12000 in damage to it. I am now driving an Enterprise Dodge Journey, and will have my truck back in about a month.
Grey is doing well. We are counting down the days til the week of Sept 6th when he will have his intestines put back together, and we can get that little man home!
I talked to my friend Kristi that was with us in the wreck, she seems to be doing ok. I on the other hand am having some numbness in my left leg and ankle.... I called the doctor, she told me to rest, ice and heat, and stay flat.... LOL, isn't that a funny concept!

I wanted to take time to blog about a cross I received a few years back from one of my patients I took care of in the St. Vincent's ICU when I worked there. Although I won't give out any names, (darn HIPPA) I just want to blog my feelings, and how motherhood has changed me, and how faith has molded me.

I took care of a man in the CICU at St. V's in 2003 I believe. A man that had a family of gold I think. This patient I never had the pleasure of talking to, never had the pleasure of encountering while he was awake, never had the pleasure of listening to him about his love for his family ..... but nevertheless, I know he was a special man. A man that had a strong enough family to sit beside him day and night. A man that's family came from different states to sit by him, talk to him, and just look at him while he laid in a coma. A man that didn't make it out of the ICU alive, but touched so many lives when he existed here on earth. This was evident by the amount of people at his funeral, and the genuineness of his family. One of only 3 funerals of all the patients I took care of that I have attended. I took care of this gentleman at a time in my life that was difficult. The economy had affected the job of my husband, I was married not to long before that, and I was having burn out in my career as well. At this time in my life, I needed them for me, just as much as they needed me to take care of their dad/husband. I know that sounds weird for a nurse to say, but there is no other way to put it; it is the truth. They renewed my love for my career, and more importantly renewed my need for faith.
One morning before this gentleman passed away, his son came to the nurses station and gave me a cross. He told me a story about this cross, that I never forgot. It was a cross that he had gotten on his honeymoon in the ancient city of Corinth in Greece. I believe it was at a small street vendor. He gave one to his mom, his wife, kept one for himself, later I learned he slipped one into the casket before it was closed, into his father's hand.... and gave one to me. He told me what I meant to their family, and how important his father was to him.... and he would miss him deeply. I took my lunch shortly after that, and cried. It hit me at that time what an important person my patient was, and how he was going to be missed so dearly by his family. This cross touched me so much. It has continued to touch me since that time.
I have prayed with this cross numerous times. Every time I look at this cross... I remember this family, and their father.... how awesome their love was for one another.
Most recently when Grey was sick, I prayed with this cross. After 7/23/10, I brought this cross to the NICU every day for quite some time, and when it was just Grey and I, I would stick my hands in the isolette, tell him I love him, and touch him with this precious cross. This cross has given me hope, given me faith, and given me the strength to go on when Grey was in the gravest of conditions. This cross is special.
After saying all this about this family, that patient, and this cross.... I have to say that I have nothing as special as the cross to give to the primary nurses that took care of our kids, and that now take care of Grey. Erin, Brooke and Becca... I cannot thank you enough for the love and care that you have given our kids, and now, especially Grey. I cannot thank you enough for the comfort that you have given us.
Laura, Kari, and Lindsey, I cannot tell you how it feels great to call in each night and know that you are taking care of Grey.... I know he is in good hands.

So this whole post is about the cross... and what it signifies to me... but also love and family. They are all important!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, never a dull moment. Although, just when I get infuriated about the accident, I realize it could have been so much worse.... like we could have been seriously hurt.

So, Saturday... I had a friend from Louisville come to visit, and stay the night. Todd was given the "ok" to go golfing so he could get away a bit too. Lilly, Owen, Kristi, and I were on our way back from a great visit with Grey when it happened. Turning off of 79th on to Sunnyside in the Lawrence area we got rear-ended. Rear-ended enough to cause us to hit the car in front of us, and then that car hit the front of them. We were hit hard. A four car accident. We were hit hard enough that the person that rear-ended us, his airbags were deployed. Both his car, and our Traverse(with less than 2000 miles on it) were not driveable. Bye bye my little Traverse. I'm thinking it's likely totaled. Somehow there is damage to 3 sides of the vehicle. Fluid leaking from the radiator, and 2 doors that could not be opened on the passenger side.

Let me just say the Lawrence police and fire department were phenominal. The police gave us a ride home, as Todd was on his way home from golfing. Once Kristi and I started to get more and more sore thru the night, that evening we loaded up and went to the ER because I wanted to make sure the babies got checked out as well. It turns out that we should all sit in Peg Perego car seats, as they faired better than we did. Kristi and I on the other hand are a bit battered and torn. The ER doc gave us valium for the whiplash and the muscle spasms in our backs and necks. Kristi was so funny, she took hers... and when I woke her up to tell her to go to bed from the couch, she asked if "Is Tiffany going to bed too?". She then laughed, noting it was me that woke her up.

So, my in-laws came today to help out so I could take meds and rest. Todd went to get 3 new carseats, because once they are in a wreck, they need to be discarded. No rental car was found yet, as Enterprise doesn't deem Sundays as a day that people need cars. An SUV or Minivan to rent will run us $600-$800 A WEEK to rent, but this is a necessary evil. With the stroller, and 2 carseats, and Grey likely will be home in 6 weeks or so.... it is necessary especially if the truck is totaled, and we will have to order a new Traverse. So, this week will be a barage of calling the insurance companies, to get them to claim fault, so we can get the show on the road!

BUT, like I said.... just when I ask GOD why.... I know that he thinks we can handle it, I suppose... and it could have been worse.

So, I'm requesting prayers not only for Grey, (who is doing awesome, might I add) but also for my (and Kristi's) back, neck and joints. I feel terrible, but hopefully in a few days I'll be like new!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Then and Now.... OWEN

Updates: Went to see Grey today. He was doing well. I held him, and he had his eyes open for quite some time! I love that little man. Lilly and Owen are doing fine. Prune juice and little tummy drops have helped constipation and gas for them both! YAY!!!

I thought I would do a then and now on the kids with pictures around birth, then where they are now etc.

This was Owen Travis Maurer in his first week of birth. He was 3lbs 3 oz. 15.5 inches long. He was baby A in-utero. Owen was the baby that liked to kick... ALOT! It was not uncommon for him to kick my bladder time and time again in one day. He always measured really well before birth, and was always the biggest. He was also the first to be born. This picture is a mirror image of Todd. The characteristics I remember about Owen were he startled alot. Premature babies have a reflex called the moro reflex, in which when they are startled, they flare their hands and their arms go up by their heads. If you look at yesterday's post, Owen is startling while in the bath. It's quite comical now, but when he was wrapped up in the isolette, it seemed tramatic to watch him startle at every little bump. Erin H was his primary nurse, and she knew just what to do for him when he was upset. She would hold him tight in his isolette, and wrap him up really tight in his snuggly, and bring his hands together in-front of his chest... and he would calm down immediately if he were crying. I do remember visiting the NICU one night once I had come home from the hospital, and he was under the bili lights, and he was so upset and mad he had his sunglasses on, that he ripped them off as we watched. He is a determined little guy. That wasn't the last time he took off his equipment, just one that stuck out in my mind. This is Owen under the lights still on the vent.

Owen always kept us on our toes in the NICU too. There were a few times that he needed to be "bagged" (putting the bag-mask to his face, and give him a few breaths like you see on tv...) because when he had reflux in the NICU, he would stop breathing. He slowly transitioned from looking like a little old man, to the "beefy" infant he is today. If 6.5lbs at over 2 months old is beefy... that is he! He was the first to really "take to" the bottle. Now he does a manuever that the NICU nurses called "sharking" the bottle, which really includes lifting his head with his mouth wide open to get to the nipple of the bottle. It's very funny.... he thinks he is constantly starving. He makes the funniest faces. In his 2 month pictures, I told Todd I thought he was dancing to the Madonna Vogue song... he does some weird things with his face and hands at the same time. He likes his swing, and is taking to the birp rags that we have used for him. I think he just might be a kid that really likes a blankey. When he gets really mad, he screams and it sounds like a little piglet. Just when you think you might be at wits end with him with his screaming, he will squeel like a pig... and well, you have to laugh! Owen also likes his pacifier. If he could keep it in his mouth better, that would be super! Owen likes to be awake from about 12am-3am every morning. Let's hope this changes!

Owen really reminds me of Todd's late brother Travis. Once you see baby pictures of them both... it is very evident they look alike. Owen reminds me of the exact reasons I wanted to have children of our own. I knew that the only way I could ever possibly give Todd a piece or a reminder of his brother back, would be if we had a child that looked or had mannerisms like his brother. I know typing that seems really weird, but truly that's how I feel, and of course that isn't the only reason we wanted kids.... but I remember Travis fondly, and I really wanted to keep remembering him. I think there will be pieces of each of the children that remind us of different people in both of our families, and that is joyful to me.

This is a current picture of Owen. He's a big boy. I think he is going to get along with Grey and Lillian very well. My vision for them is that they will be close, yet not have the "triplet" label on them constantly.

Personality traits of Owen lead me to believe he will be a strong-willed little man. He is determined, especially when it comes to eating. I look forward to seeing him grow, and be who he is, and do what he was sent here to do.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bottoms up!

Updates: Lilly and Owen are doing great. Owen has decided that officially 12-3am is his awake time, and time to cry. Thankfully my in-laws have been doing the night shift. Tonight was bath time for them. Here's Owen getting his bath in the sink, and an basin from the hospital!

Grey is doing well. I was able to spend some time at the hospital with him alone today. I held him for about 2 hours, and he enjoyed that. We did some physical therapy while he was with me, and tolerated it quite well. I read to him, and he was awake for some of the time, which is nice to see. He is down quite a bit on his oxygen, which is great. We do have a date for his intestine to be put back together .... the week of Sept 6th.... which doesn't really satisfy me, but it'll have to do for now. His bilirubin did go up to 8, from 5... meaning his liver isn't really happy, but we knew that. It will recover, I'm just going to wait, and if it does get worse, we might have to have another discussion. We'll see. For now, I'm happy.

After bathes tonight, it was my daily bottle making session. 16 bottles are needed. (feeding 2 every 3 hours) 80ml (or cc's) each bottle x16 bottles = about 44 ounces, because 30cc=1 oz. Didn't realize you needed algebra to make feed babies did you? Well, I can never get the RIGHT amount in the bottles. We use the Dr. Brown's bottles, and the marking on the bottles is so light, and close together, it's hard to get the exact amount in the bottles. I also have a foam and bubble problem when I mix for 24 hours. But tonight, I started whisking it, and it turned out quite alright! This is all I need to make the bottles, and I wonder why I've had a hard time keeping things in the kitchen put away.

Neosure is the formula that we use, and we use about 1 can per day =$17.... wow.... wait til the Grey comes home on something like Elecare. Elecare is an amino acid formula (cause I will be out of breastmilk by then). The Elecare is easy for the gut to break down. Elecare is about $40 a can. I hope to become good friends with the Similac sales rep, in hopes we can get some to take home. I'll have to check with insurance too, and see if something can be worked out since it's a special formula for a medical reason... hmmm

Jasmine usually hopes to get a little taste of formula powder that falls on the floor....

Well, must go... it's about feeding time!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Slacker alert....

Yeah, so the goal of posting nightly or daily isn't very easy with 2 infants at home. We have been in head to head combat with gas and constipation with both of them. Owen has gas, and Little Tummies drops have helped that. Lilly on the other hand is constipated, and tonight we started some 1/4 strength apple-prune juice, and that hasn't worked yet, but we are keeping our fingers crossed. Erin one of the super nurses in the NICU helped us out with Lilly... and then the pediatrician called and we are decreasing the Neosure formula to the regular strength rather than the higher calorie version. All and all, I hope this helps.

We loaded up the motley crew today, and went into the NICU to see Grey. He was doing well. I think today he was a little more jaundice from his TPN feedings. I'm guessing that is the culprit. They did do a urine culture to make sure he doesn't have a urinary infection, but I am doubtful, as his labs look great other than the liver labs. I might have to make a morning trip into the NICU to talk to the GI surgery team, and it might be time to tap my watch and ask for him to have his intestine reattached early. I don't want his liver numbers to get too awful before he goes to surgery, nor do I want another uphill battle. Although I am still very optomistic about his health, I am a bit concerned about this, just because any of you that have worked with surgeons know that they deal with their own timelines, and... well.... if it isn't their idea to do it, sometimes it doesn't go over well. That hasn't been my experience at St. V's so far... but let's just say, I know how that type can be. I know that there is a window of opportunity after surgery involving the stages of scar tissue. There is an optimal time to do the surgery allowing the scar tissue to form, but not become fragile etc.... so this would be the reason for waiting. But I don't want to sacrifice his liver either.... ohhhh decisions, decisions. I'll see what they say and go from there.
These pictures are from the day Lilly and Owen went home. Left to right.... Owen, Grey, Lillian. Gotta love these munchkins.
I feel like we are all settling in well. I am so thankful for all the help from my in-laws and my parents. It's a blessing to have people you can count on, and trust.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 new best friends

This is Owen's new best friend, therefore, I have 2new best friends. The swing, and Bach. He was really fussy this afternoon, and the swing and Bach put him to sleep. I think he has good taste, I much prefer Bach over Beethoven. Plus that same Bach song that I can play over and over was in our wedding for the bridesmaids to walk in. Ah.. fond memories...

Things have been chaotic, but I think it's the new norm at the Maurer house. The dogs are finally settling in again, and Jasmine is over her hunger strike. Currently they are both asleep, Lilly is in the Pack N Play, and of course, Owen in the swing.

Grey is doing well. He still gets daily visits from one of us, and both of us every other day. I'm going to take the kids there Monday, Wed, and Fridays. It gets us all out of the house, and plus Owen and Lillian both love the car rides. Most of Grey's labs have returned to normal. He does have some elevated liver function tests... this is just because he is on IV nutrition called TPN. It is hard on the liver. Once his intestines are reconnected, and he can get good nutrition that is absorbed thru his intestines, they will decrease the TPN, and this will allow his liver function tests to return slowly back to normal. Yesterday marked 3 weeks since the last intestinal surgery. Hopefully 2-3 more weeks, and they will reconnect him so he can get on the home stretch.

Well, I'm off to make some formula for the next 24 hours!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NICU photo shoot

Today was a good day. My mother in law and I loaded up the kids and went to the NICU to see Grey. This is what we looked like upon arrival...

This is the million dollar stroller, that will fit Grey's carseat right where the diaper bag is. BUT, it is also worth a million dollars. I couldn't do trips without this stroller. We do draw a lot of attention. People saying, "OH, they are so little!", or "OH look at those twins..." sometimes I correct them and say little Grey is in the NICU, sometimes I just smile and keep walking. Depends if it's worth the conversation. This stroller has a steering wheel... no joke, it steers the front wheels. It's the best invention ever!

Upon arrival Grey was in his crib, resting. Then once there, (Todd was working on the computer in Grey's hospital room) we put together a photo session with the kids. Grey got to take some of his new formula thru a bottle. That was a great feeling to feed him, even if it was only about a teaspoon... he seemed to enjoy it.

Here are some more photos!

All three together

Owen helping Daddy!

Lilly whispering to Grey that she will be his roommate when he gets home!

Lilly making sure the boys are minding their mommy and daddy!

Tonight is the changing of the guard. My mom is coming, my inlaws are going home. I sit here right now, Lillian is crying in her bouncie, Owen is screaming in the swing.... can't wait til she comes! lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Wish

"My Wish"
I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow,
And each road leads you where you want to go,
And if you're faced with a choice, and you have to choose,
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you.
And if one door opens to another door closed,
I hope you keep on walkin' till you find the window,
If it's cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile,
But more than anything, more than anything,
My wish, for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to,
Your dreams stay big, and your worries stay small,
You never need to carry more than you can hold,
And while you're out there getting where you're getting to,
I hope you know somebody loves you, and wants the same things too,
Yeah, this, is my wish.- Rascal Flatts-

This was the first song I played for Lillian and Owen on their way home from the hospital. As there were many days and long nights that I drove back and forth to the hospital listening to that song, worried about Grey and sometimes either Lillian or Owen depending on what was going on, crying. But crying isn't anything new to me these days, as it seems like hormones have gotten the best of me. But honestly the words to that song is something that I've thought about for the past few weeks. I've never really thought of children the way I think about mine, or about any other human being like that for that matter. I guess I really didn't know what being a mommy would be like. I didn't really know what I would feel like etc. I can tell you what I feel like. Bringing home 2 babies after being in a relationship for 10 years, with nothing but Todd and I (and the dogs).... is overwhelming. Our dogs Jasmine and Hendrix haven't slept in days I don't think, but overall, they are doing well. I have been emotional. Todd has been the rock, and our families have been very helpful. For so many years hoping, and praying that this day would come, now that it has I don't know how to act. I can't really explain the feeling other than... overwhelmed. There are a few things that I can tell you for sure. I love my husband, I love our families, I love these beautiful children, and although anxiety seems to overcome me at times... I look forward to the rest of our lives with these children, watching them grow, and mold into the beings they will be.

Tomorrow is another trip out of the house. Todd is working from the NICU on Wednesdays until Grey is home. I will be taking the kids to see Grey, and daddy there with my mother in law. I'll try to get some pictures of our triplet stroller.... you'll surely get a kick out of that!

Monday, August 9, 2010

a trip out of the house

Well, reinforcements have arrived. My mother and father in law have been here since Sunday night, and did the night shift last night, and again tonight. I think Owen had another infamous night... in that he likes to be the king of the party! Little does he know it isn't his party, so crying isn't acceptable! It was much easier to drag myself out of bed today.

We all went to visit Grey today. Owen and Lilly were on their best behavior. They didn't make a peep until it was time to eat. They then had a peditrician appointment, and got a good bill of health. They will be 2 months on Wednesday, and Lilly was 5lb 3oz, 18 inches long. Big O was 6lb 8 oz, and was 20 inches long... just like normal newborn size!!

Grey was doing well. I held him for about an hour. He is now getting physical and occupational therapy. Todd took his bouncer seat up to the NICU tonight, and I guess he really likes it. He is in a crib now, and has a mobile on the crib that makes amazon noises. It was nice to see him. I left without crying, and that in itself is a victory. It also was nice to see all of the nurses again. Those ladies are your friends when you've been there day in and day out like we have. I really appreciate knowing that they are taking such good care of Grey. It makes it much easier to rest at night!

Here are some pics of the first night home. Owen is getting some time with daddy, and 2 of them in the pack n play!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


We are still alive. Reinforcements are coming this week. My family is coming for a while today. My mother in law is coming tonight, and helping me to the peds md appt tomorrow. My mom is scheduled to come later in the week. I hate to say I underestimated the power of 2 preemies, but I think I did. Luckily they are still on schedule, and doing fine. Grey is doing well too. His labs look better, and he starts getting feedings tomorrow. THANK YOU GOD!

But, wow, the underestimation. Underestimation of the fatigue. You know, when I did transplant, I was up all night a lot of nights when I was on call. Still had to think on my toes, make sure that the right organ was coming for the right person, and also be able to help pick who was a good suit for the organ, or organs in many cases.... I think the difference is that even though being up all night, I had to go into work the next day and function, I could still sleep a full night that night and be back on the right track. This my friends, is constant.
I also underestimated the pull to be with Grey in the hospital, and the guilt. I tend to be a guilty person, feel guilt and responisibility for things that I shouldn't... it's hard to tell if this is the case or not.
I am glad to say though, that Todd and I can do this if need be. (Atleast just with Lilly and Owen here!!!) I've come to figure out that it isn't fun, although having a few days to realize what a long way we've come from infertility to here has been worth the sleep deprivation.... but I'm done.... bring on the help!

Friday, August 6, 2010

So far so good...

Well, departure time was 630 pm from the NICU. We all said good bye for now to Grey, of course I had tears, and we loaded up and were on our way. A few feedings now under our belt... and I'm sure we're in for a long night.
The dogs have really acted well. Of course they are a bit curious, but not to terrible. Will update tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lillian and Owen home tomorrow

Lilly and Owen are on their way home tomorrow evening. Wow, it will be so nice to have them with us. Grey had a good day. His WBC is 17, and platelets are stable. It was definitely a bitter sweet day. Erin, Owen's primary nurse took care of all of them today. I can't say enough how well we love their nurses. Erin always has stories about what they've done while we've been away.... she loves her big O (Owen)! lol Luckily the kids won't be strangers around the NICU, as likely on the weekends they will be back up to see Grey to get some sibling bonding once he is feeling better!

I went to a triplet mom meeting tonight. It was actually a better than expected meeting. I didn't join any of these groups while I was pregnant because I really didn't want any preconceived notions about having triplets. I didn't want to go tonight and hear how difficult it was to take care of trips, nor did I want to have a negative feeling when I left. But it was a really good experience. It was a bunch of women, that mostly suffered infertility just like some of the stuff that we went through. They talked kindly of the kids, and offered good advise on what to do when you get home, how much and when help was needed for them.... and also just a place to sit and have time with people that have been in your shoes, and made it out alive. The experiences ranged from women that took care of all 3 children when they came home by themselves with another sibling in the house, to women that had a night nanny a few times a week. I think its just interesting the different perspectives.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I will confess that I struggle with the thought of feeling like I can't take total care of my children and family if no help were available. I struggle with the thought of knowing my family would not be well cared for if it weren't for other people. It is along the lines of how I felt when I dealt with infertility. Inately, humans were designed to "survive and procreate". Thinking that I cannot do either of those things is difficult. So, the plan is Lil and Owen will come home tomorrow evening, and we see how it goes. They are heavily scheduled right now, they eat... then they sleep. they eat... then they sleep. Feeding every 3 hours will be tough, that is no joke. But I need to if anything else, be a family with them. There are few things more valuable than the feeling of being with my husband and taking care of the kids. From the time they were born, until now, we've been in an environment that isn't all that condusive to bonding, and family time. With monitors, cords, gowns, beeping, alarms, people walking in and out...I seriously want some time with us getting used to just "being us". So, I foolishly or maybe not so foolishly want to try this weekend with no help... just Todd and I. It's not to be a martyr, not to say we don't want visitors, not to say we won't ever ask for help... that I am not foolish enough to know... but it'll be interesting to see how we can do and go from there. I look forward to the first part of our family coming home.... and boy will there be a large celebration, and maybe a small coming home party when little Grey busts out of the NICU himself!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A normal test and 2 on the home stretch

First of all, wanted to thank my mom for cleaning my house from top to bottom while I was at the NICU with the kids! Two thumbs up!

Grey is doing ok. Today he had a test to look at his small intestine, related to the fact he is not passing gas or stool now from his ostomy. It was normal. His wbc is still elevated, but down from a week ago. His platelets are stable.... so... we just wait. Todd and I both held him today. He had his eyes open and we talked to him etc. He appeared to be paying attention. He had visits from both his brother and sister today. Owen actually laid with him in Todd's lap for a while. WOW.... I gave birth to 3 "mini-me's" of Todd! I have to say I do enjoy Todd's features, but seriously... cut the momma a break! Nurse Brooke took a pic of them laying together, she's gonna get it to me later! I'll post it later.

Lilly and Owen are potentially on their way home Friday evening. Owen definitely is on his way home, Lilly might be next week. Either way, we are making progress all the way around. They both passed their carseat tests, and both passed their head ultrasounds. It really doesn't matter to me whether or not they come at once, or one at a time. Here is a pic of Lillian in her carseat! It gives you perspective on how little she really is. (4lbs 9 oz to be exact) I think this outfit makes her look like a cupcake! I'll get a pic of Owen when he is on the way home, and that too will dwarf him in the carseat!

Tomorrow I am attending a moms of multiples group meeting with another triplet mom from the NICU. I think it will be interesting. If nothing else, it's a change from the normal routine!

I think we are all set for the homecoming! I may or may not post tomorrow... depending on how much time I have after the meeting before bedtime!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A better day, and another set of trips!

First- update on the kids. Grey is doing better! Labs look better, with the exception of his platelet count. I am thinking that is related to his antibiotic regimen... we'll see if it improves when they are discontinued. He was a bit on the ticked off side for most of the day. His nurse then wrapped him up like a QDOBA burrito, and he decided that he liked that, and off to sleep he went. The doctor on this week started him back on breathing treatments, and that makes a world of difference in his oxygen levels that he needs. That is a good thing for him. I'm still a bit apprehensive, but instead of my regular hesitation to celebrate; I am going to take every piece of news that is positive as a step in the right direction, and declare it a mini victory. I need that emotional boost! Here is a picture of me holding Owen yesterday.

Lillian and Owen were a bit slacking on their feedings today. Owen got his feeding tube out for the time being, but he likes to fall asleep half way thru his bottles... and would just rather you put the rest of it down the tube so he can sleep. SOOO, we are likely looking at a next week discharge instead of this week. That really doesn't bother me. We're gonna be there anyway.

Another set of triplets has arrived at the Maurer household. We have baby bluebirds in a birdhouse that I put up. Although Todd likes to lift the roof to take a look at them (I told him not to do that anymore!), but I do enjoy the picture. We like to think that they are 2 boys and a girl. The mom and dad (I name my birds that eat at the feeder) are Stanley and Adyline. The baby bird girl is Addison, and Todd named the baby boy birds Caesar and Miguel. (I am so glad Grey and Owen got lucky he named them well!). There will be no picture follow ups, as he cannot be rewarded for disturbing them! Here is a pic of Stanley from this winter. Adyline has a pic too, but she isn't very colorful in the winter.

I like watching the birds eat at the feeders while I work in my office.

I promised last week I would post pics of the nursery. Although this is before the letters were hung... but you get the general lay out.

Owen and Grey's side of the Room Grey's bedding

Grey's bedding

Lilly's bedding

Owen's bedding

Tomorrow my mom is coming to help clean the house in preparation for the kids coming home next week. Gotta love both the fact that someone is coming to help, and that my house will be spotless. Can't wait!

BETTER LABS!!!!!!!!!!!

I called this morning, and Grey's WBC is down to 20 from 28 a few days ago! I haven't been in yet this morning related to a sick dog, and a doctors appointment for myself. I should be there by 2pm. The nurse this morning reported that he was "fiesty" and a little fussy this morning. I guess like Brooke pointed out, fussy is better than not crying at all.... he's been there way too many times!
Thanks again for all the prayers, let's still hope and pray that this trend continues!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

more of the same

More of the same today.... that is good in some ways!
Grey is back on the CPAP. I can't say I'm surprised. At times he works hard to breathe. I have to remind myself where we have come since 7/23. Todd held him for about 90 minutes today, he liked that. He was really fiesty today. WBC are more of the same. I think he looked pretty good today though. He's not a happy little camper with his cpap on, but it's a necessary evil. Cultures are still negative. Praying tomorrow's labs are better.

Lilly and Owen did very well with their feedings today. They are still taking about 90% of their bottles a day. We were asked to take their carseats up to the unit tomorrow, as they have to pass their carseat study before they go home. Maybe looking at a Friday discharge, maybe later... hard to tell.

Todd put together the pack and plays, and will be working on the swings and bouncer seats early in the week. Nothing much more to say! Looking forward to positive things for all the kids this week! Grey's labs are just bound to improve!!

Date Night

Today Lilly and Owen did great eating. They took nearly 90% of their bottles. They are on the short road home, I'm guessing this week.
Grey was doing well today. He is still off his CPAP, and was a bit fussy today. I held him for about an hour or so, and read to him. It's so nice to see his eyes open. His WBC is still elevated. There has been no budge in that. Cultures are still negative. No fevers today. Let's hope and pray the labs normalize, and he is on the road to recovery. I called to check on him tonight, and he had gotten a bath... that HAS to make him feel better. The past 2 weeks, he has been too sick to get one.
Tonight Todd and I went out for a "Date". We went to dinner and a movie. It was called Inception... which I really had a hard time concentrating on. It was good, but a bit complicated.... to much for a pre-occupied mind! Dinner was at the Stoney Creek Dining Company in Noblesville. They have a great filet if you haven't been there! We had a good time. In the 10 years we have been together I don't think we have had this type of date; one which we talk about future family vacations, what we look forward to doing with the babies, and how we are going to handle 2 at home, and 1 still in the hospital. It's a sigh of relief that Lilly and Owen are doing super, and a struggle to keep my mind off of how Grey is doing every waking moment. We have a lot to prepare this week. I'm looking forward to it!