Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 new best friends

This is Owen's new best friend, therefore, I have 2new best friends. The swing, and Bach. He was really fussy this afternoon, and the swing and Bach put him to sleep. I think he has good taste, I much prefer Bach over Beethoven. Plus that same Bach song that I can play over and over was in our wedding for the bridesmaids to walk in. Ah.. fond memories...

Things have been chaotic, but I think it's the new norm at the Maurer house. The dogs are finally settling in again, and Jasmine is over her hunger strike. Currently they are both asleep, Lilly is in the Pack N Play, and of course, Owen in the swing.

Grey is doing well. He still gets daily visits from one of us, and both of us every other day. I'm going to take the kids there Monday, Wed, and Fridays. It gets us all out of the house, and plus Owen and Lillian both love the car rides. Most of Grey's labs have returned to normal. He does have some elevated liver function tests... this is just because he is on IV nutrition called TPN. It is hard on the liver. Once his intestines are reconnected, and he can get good nutrition that is absorbed thru his intestines, they will decrease the TPN, and this will allow his liver function tests to return slowly back to normal. Yesterday marked 3 weeks since the last intestinal surgery. Hopefully 2-3 more weeks, and they will reconnect him so he can get on the home stretch.

Well, I'm off to make some formula for the next 24 hours!

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