Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bottoms up!

Updates: Lilly and Owen are doing great. Owen has decided that officially 12-3am is his awake time, and time to cry. Thankfully my in-laws have been doing the night shift. Tonight was bath time for them. Here's Owen getting his bath in the sink, and an basin from the hospital!

Grey is doing well. I was able to spend some time at the hospital with him alone today. I held him for about 2 hours, and he enjoyed that. We did some physical therapy while he was with me, and tolerated it quite well. I read to him, and he was awake for some of the time, which is nice to see. He is down quite a bit on his oxygen, which is great. We do have a date for his intestine to be put back together .... the week of Sept 6th.... which doesn't really satisfy me, but it'll have to do for now. His bilirubin did go up to 8, from 5... meaning his liver isn't really happy, but we knew that. It will recover, I'm just going to wait, and if it does get worse, we might have to have another discussion. We'll see. For now, I'm happy.

After bathes tonight, it was my daily bottle making session. 16 bottles are needed. (feeding 2 every 3 hours) 80ml (or cc's) each bottle x16 bottles = about 44 ounces, because 30cc=1 oz. Didn't realize you needed algebra to make feed babies did you? Well, I can never get the RIGHT amount in the bottles. We use the Dr. Brown's bottles, and the marking on the bottles is so light, and close together, it's hard to get the exact amount in the bottles. I also have a foam and bubble problem when I mix for 24 hours. But tonight, I started whisking it, and it turned out quite alright! This is all I need to make the bottles, and I wonder why I've had a hard time keeping things in the kitchen put away.

Neosure is the formula that we use, and we use about 1 can per day =$17.... wow.... wait til the Grey comes home on something like Elecare. Elecare is an amino acid formula (cause I will be out of breastmilk by then). The Elecare is easy for the gut to break down. Elecare is about $40 a can. I hope to become good friends with the Similac sales rep, in hopes we can get some to take home. I'll have to check with insurance too, and see if something can be worked out since it's a special formula for a medical reason... hmmm

Jasmine usually hopes to get a little taste of formula powder that falls on the floor....

Well, must go... it's about feeding time!


  1. Great post! It's cool to see the actual home care side of the deal. All those bottles!!! Wow. Your degree of organization about it looks amazing. But tell the truth - are you charting I&O's?

  2. Holy cow on the formula!!! You dont have to answer this-bc it might be too personal-but do you get assistance, like w/ food and formula i mean. You should get free stuff!!! that's crazy how much formula costs!