Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NICU photo shoot

Today was a good day. My mother in law and I loaded up the kids and went to the NICU to see Grey. This is what we looked like upon arrival...

This is the million dollar stroller, that will fit Grey's carseat right where the diaper bag is. BUT, it is also worth a million dollars. I couldn't do trips without this stroller. We do draw a lot of attention. People saying, "OH, they are so little!", or "OH look at those twins..." sometimes I correct them and say little Grey is in the NICU, sometimes I just smile and keep walking. Depends if it's worth the conversation. This stroller has a steering wheel... no joke, it steers the front wheels. It's the best invention ever!

Upon arrival Grey was in his crib, resting. Then once there, (Todd was working on the computer in Grey's hospital room) we put together a photo session with the kids. Grey got to take some of his new formula thru a bottle. That was a great feeling to feed him, even if it was only about a teaspoon... he seemed to enjoy it.

Here are some more photos!

All three together

Owen helping Daddy!

Lilly whispering to Grey that she will be his roommate when he gets home!

Lilly making sure the boys are minding their mommy and daddy!

Tonight is the changing of the guard. My mom is coming, my inlaws are going home. I sit here right now, Lillian is crying in her bouncie, Owen is screaming in the swing.... can't wait til she comes! lol

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