Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well, never a dull moment. Although, just when I get infuriated about the accident, I realize it could have been so much worse.... like we could have been seriously hurt.

So, Saturday... I had a friend from Louisville come to visit, and stay the night. Todd was given the "ok" to go golfing so he could get away a bit too. Lilly, Owen, Kristi, and I were on our way back from a great visit with Grey when it happened. Turning off of 79th on to Sunnyside in the Lawrence area we got rear-ended. Rear-ended enough to cause us to hit the car in front of us, and then that car hit the front of them. We were hit hard. A four car accident. We were hit hard enough that the person that rear-ended us, his airbags were deployed. Both his car, and our Traverse(with less than 2000 miles on it) were not driveable. Bye bye my little Traverse. I'm thinking it's likely totaled. Somehow there is damage to 3 sides of the vehicle. Fluid leaking from the radiator, and 2 doors that could not be opened on the passenger side.

Let me just say the Lawrence police and fire department were phenominal. The police gave us a ride home, as Todd was on his way home from golfing. Once Kristi and I started to get more and more sore thru the night, that evening we loaded up and went to the ER because I wanted to make sure the babies got checked out as well. It turns out that we should all sit in Peg Perego car seats, as they faired better than we did. Kristi and I on the other hand are a bit battered and torn. The ER doc gave us valium for the whiplash and the muscle spasms in our backs and necks. Kristi was so funny, she took hers... and when I woke her up to tell her to go to bed from the couch, she asked if "Is Tiffany going to bed too?". She then laughed, noting it was me that woke her up.

So, my in-laws came today to help out so I could take meds and rest. Todd went to get 3 new carseats, because once they are in a wreck, they need to be discarded. No rental car was found yet, as Enterprise doesn't deem Sundays as a day that people need cars. An SUV or Minivan to rent will run us $600-$800 A WEEK to rent, but this is a necessary evil. With the stroller, and 2 carseats, and Grey likely will be home in 6 weeks or so.... it is necessary especially if the truck is totaled, and we will have to order a new Traverse. So, this week will be a barage of calling the insurance companies, to get them to claim fault, so we can get the show on the road!

BUT, like I said.... just when I ask GOD why.... I know that he thinks we can handle it, I suppose... and it could have been worse.

So, I'm requesting prayers not only for Grey, (who is doing awesome, might I add) but also for my (and Kristi's) back, neck and joints. I feel terrible, but hopefully in a few days I'll be like new!


  1. OK Tiff... you can't catch a break!!!! Im so sorry you had to deal with this, but I am glad everyone is ok. Lots of prayers coming your way!

  2. Wow! We are so glad that no one was seriously hurt! We hope you recover quickly and that the insurance claims go smoothly. You're in our thoughts and prayers always.

  3. So glad everyone is o.k.! Maybe god will give you a little break for a while. ;)