Sunday, August 1, 2010

more of the same

More of the same today.... that is good in some ways!
Grey is back on the CPAP. I can't say I'm surprised. At times he works hard to breathe. I have to remind myself where we have come since 7/23. Todd held him for about 90 minutes today, he liked that. He was really fiesty today. WBC are more of the same. I think he looked pretty good today though. He's not a happy little camper with his cpap on, but it's a necessary evil. Cultures are still negative. Praying tomorrow's labs are better.

Lilly and Owen did very well with their feedings today. They are still taking about 90% of their bottles a day. We were asked to take their carseats up to the unit tomorrow, as they have to pass their carseat study before they go home. Maybe looking at a Friday discharge, maybe later... hard to tell.

Todd put together the pack and plays, and will be working on the swings and bouncer seats early in the week. Nothing much more to say! Looking forward to positive things for all the kids this week! Grey's labs are just bound to improve!!

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