Monday, August 9, 2010

a trip out of the house

Well, reinforcements have arrived. My mother and father in law have been here since Sunday night, and did the night shift last night, and again tonight. I think Owen had another infamous night... in that he likes to be the king of the party! Little does he know it isn't his party, so crying isn't acceptable! It was much easier to drag myself out of bed today.

We all went to visit Grey today. Owen and Lilly were on their best behavior. They didn't make a peep until it was time to eat. They then had a peditrician appointment, and got a good bill of health. They will be 2 months on Wednesday, and Lilly was 5lb 3oz, 18 inches long. Big O was 6lb 8 oz, and was 20 inches long... just like normal newborn size!!

Grey was doing well. I held him for about an hour. He is now getting physical and occupational therapy. Todd took his bouncer seat up to the NICU tonight, and I guess he really likes it. He is in a crib now, and has a mobile on the crib that makes amazon noises. It was nice to see him. I left without crying, and that in itself is a victory. It also was nice to see all of the nurses again. Those ladies are your friends when you've been there day in and day out like we have. I really appreciate knowing that they are taking such good care of Grey. It makes it much easier to rest at night!

Here are some pics of the first night home. Owen is getting some time with daddy, and 2 of them in the pack n play!

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