Monday, August 2, 2010

A better day, and another set of trips!

First- update on the kids. Grey is doing better! Labs look better, with the exception of his platelet count. I am thinking that is related to his antibiotic regimen... we'll see if it improves when they are discontinued. He was a bit on the ticked off side for most of the day. His nurse then wrapped him up like a QDOBA burrito, and he decided that he liked that, and off to sleep he went. The doctor on this week started him back on breathing treatments, and that makes a world of difference in his oxygen levels that he needs. That is a good thing for him. I'm still a bit apprehensive, but instead of my regular hesitation to celebrate; I am going to take every piece of news that is positive as a step in the right direction, and declare it a mini victory. I need that emotional boost! Here is a picture of me holding Owen yesterday.

Lillian and Owen were a bit slacking on their feedings today. Owen got his feeding tube out for the time being, but he likes to fall asleep half way thru his bottles... and would just rather you put the rest of it down the tube so he can sleep. SOOO, we are likely looking at a next week discharge instead of this week. That really doesn't bother me. We're gonna be there anyway.

Another set of triplets has arrived at the Maurer household. We have baby bluebirds in a birdhouse that I put up. Although Todd likes to lift the roof to take a look at them (I told him not to do that anymore!), but I do enjoy the picture. We like to think that they are 2 boys and a girl. The mom and dad (I name my birds that eat at the feeder) are Stanley and Adyline. The baby bird girl is Addison, and Todd named the baby boy birds Caesar and Miguel. (I am so glad Grey and Owen got lucky he named them well!). There will be no picture follow ups, as he cannot be rewarded for disturbing them! Here is a pic of Stanley from this winter. Adyline has a pic too, but she isn't very colorful in the winter.

I like watching the birds eat at the feeders while I work in my office.

I promised last week I would post pics of the nursery. Although this is before the letters were hung... but you get the general lay out.

Owen and Grey's side of the Room Grey's bedding

Grey's bedding

Lilly's bedding

Owen's bedding

Tomorrow my mom is coming to help clean the house in preparation for the kids coming home next week. Gotta love both the fact that someone is coming to help, and that my house will be spotless. Can't wait!

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  1. If you left this week I would need therapy. I need a little more Lilly time. Toddles names for the triplet birds are interesting. And don't talk about Grey being wrapped up like Qdoba. It makes me too hungry.