Saturday, October 15, 2011

Field trips and more

That last post is quite the masterpiece. You have to love IPAD editing. I'm just leaving it, it is a bit funny.

While I was in the hospital Todd and Jordan (our neighbor babysitter, we love her:)) loaded up the kids and brought them into the hospital to surprise me. When I woke up at the end of my bed, I saw three little skeletons! They had already had their bathes, and were in their pj's. This pic cracks me up, and reminds me of what a great husband I have!

Today Todd and I took the kids to the pumpkin patch at Tuttles Orchard. It's in Greenfield, and really close to our house. It was windy, and a bit chilly... but nonetheless we had a good time.

They have an apple orchard as well, today was the last day to pick from the trees. We originally went back into the orchard to get out of the wind, and to get a few pictures, and Owen decided that he needed to try a few apples.
They look like here they have never seen apples.
Here he is trying a few samples of unwashed, dirt covered apples.

We then ventured to the pumpkin patch itself. Above you see a picture of that. It was fun. On the way out we saw a big box. We took that opportunity to put the kids in it and snap some pictures.

I don't know if you can tell, but Owen is still chewing on his dirty apple. Grey is taking a few seconds out of the experience to chew on the wood. I'll have to post about the cribs.... Grey is part beaver. He has demolished his bed. Lillian just isn't sure about any of it.

We then went to Chicago Pizza in McCordsville. Going out to eat with the kids is an adventure. We end up having to give GOOD tips to clean up after us. But, they they were good while eating, and took an excellent nap after that!

Some updates on us...

Owen, is still teething. His sleeping is hit or miss. His new thing this week is carrying his toy dinosaurs around making growling sounds to Lilly and Grey, and anyone else that will listen. He is quite the runner these days, in fact when he sees you coming for him he takes off in the other direction. He has been slacking a bit on his eating. I'm assuming it's his teeth, but I think that is quite common for toddlers as well. He LOVES shoes and socks. He will bring them to you, sit down, and put his feet on your lap. Then make caveman noises so that you know, he wants it done now please! His ear infection is resolved. I cannot wait til that poor child is done getting his mouthful of teeth!

Lillian is doing better with her walking. She will now stand up without support, and is showing more interest in walking on her own. After having the therapists look at her that see Grey, we have really worked with her. They were right, her confidence is holding her back. Her new thing is taking all of her clothes off. She will then take her diaper off as well. I do not know what is wrong with this little girl. Last night, I went into her room 3 times before 10pm, and she had disrobed each of those times. The last time, I saw her little bare butt in the air as she was laying on her belly, butt in the air, "reading" a book in her crib. She is funny. She loves to fake sneeze and cough. She will continue to do it until you say "God Bless you Lilly".... and even then, will continue to do so until she deems it boring. Grey also has caught on to that fun.

Grey.... little Grey is doing fabulous. We are starting the feeding wean process. We are awaiting a dietician to help us out, but I dont' want to miss our window of opportunity to get it started. Today he ate all 3 meals, and we just hooked him up to get some extra calories and fluid over night. It is going to be difficult to keep track of what he is 1) eating 2) throwing on the floor 3) licking and putting in his mouth, and throwing 4) drinking 5) what leaks out of his cups when he throws it 5) what he is drinking, and not Lillian and Owen are drinking from his cups. All of this needs to be assessed so we know what he is taking in, and how we need to supplement his fluid intake. After researching, and talking to the doctor about doing a wean of the tube feeding, it is pretty absolute that he will lose some weight. I am not really worried about that. He will do fine with that. I just don't want him to get dehydrated. That itself, makes you feel yucky. It's going to be a weight and balance type of thing, but with the overall goal to NOT have to use the tube soon. Another thing is to try to make sure that he is getting a variety of food, with a variety of textures so that he doesn't become complacent with what he eats. This isn't as important with the other 2, but is very important with him. He is doing great with this though. He has really taken to guacamole. He loves most pastas, and will not turn down mac n cheese. The more fattening, the better for him. As you see, he can be quite the mess! He too is working on his walking. He is pushing things around wonderfully. I am hoping he and Lillian will be walking in the next month!

I am healing slowly but surely. I had my last md appt this week. He released me to return to work this coming Tuesday. I was getting "random" bruising, and pain in places that none of my 12 incisions were.. (yes 12, I feel like, I look like, a dartboard). I guess the mesh he had to put in to make sure that my abdominal muscles would stay together is 12 inches by 12 inches. So, I will NEVER have to worry about a hernia again I guess. So, he said the randomness is indeed not random, it is likely where the mesh is sutured along the muscle in various places. Make sense. I am hopeful I have NO more surgeries in my future! My abdominal binder and I have become great friends. I had some friends from the triplet mom group that brought food a few days last week, that was helpful. If they are reading... THANKS!

I cannot remember if I posted this earlier, but I was supposed to be slated to go to L.A..... Yes, California every other week until the end of the year for work... that fell through, so I no longer have to go... SHEW!!!! Very pleased with that news!

Todd has been quite the team captain around here lately. He has to be exhausted. He is carrying the weight of the household. (Minus my mom, his parents, and Ashley)All 3 bathes, an carrying these kids up and down, and all around wears on you. I told him once I am up and runnying he needs to go away for a boys weekend or something. Maybe a game or something soon. He's been great, and very supportive.

Halloween is coming. We have the kids costumes all ready to go. They are going to coordinate this year. We figured that it won't be long, they will have their own opinions... so we need to capitalize while we can! They will be 3 little monsters. No, that is no coincidence!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loving October

Well surgery is was all I thought it would be and more. 5 days in iIU north hospital in carmel was good... But hope not to do this again anytime soon. Still in some pain, but it's better each day.
Greyson surgery went sper. His eyes are straight, and I really feel like it has helped him developmentally, his eying and motor skills have drastically improved in the past month. He is walking behind toys, and now standing up in the middle of the floor by himself... But realizes why he Has done and falls. He is eying everything that Lilly and Owen are, or attest he will try the foods. We will be thinking about weaning his feeding tube feeds more drastically soon. He is a rockstar!
Owen is cutting his molars which seems like it has taken 2 years. Poor little man has a sore mouth. We are trying to get him to talk... Instead of point and make caveman noises! He says ball randomly at times when he has it.... Progress.
Lillian is doing better with her walking. She is slowly gaining more confidence, and taking a few steps and leaning and then falls. She is doing very well... I feel like once she starts, she won't stop.
That's all for now... Will post more soon.