Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Loving October

Well surgery is was all I thought it would be and more. 5 days in iIU north hospital in carmel was good... But hope not to do this again anytime soon. Still in some pain, but it's better each day.
Greyson surgery went sper. His eyes are straight, and I really feel like it has helped him developmentally, his eying and motor skills have drastically improved in the past month. He is walking behind toys, and now standing up in the middle of the floor by himself... But realizes why he Has done and falls. He is eying everything that Lilly and Owen are, or attest he will try the foods. We will be thinking about weaning his feeding tube feeds more drastically soon. He is a rockstar!
Owen is cutting his molars which seems like it has taken 2 years. Poor little man has a sore mouth. We are trying to get him to talk... Instead of point and make caveman noises! He says ball randomly at times when he has it.... Progress.
Lillian is doing better with her walking. She is slowly gaining more confidence, and taking a few steps and leaning and then falls. She is doing very well... I feel like once she starts, she won't stop.
That's all for now... Will post more soon.

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