Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Kindergarten.... ARE YOU READY?

Tomorrow the triplets start kindergarten. The famous question is, “Are you ready?”.   Well, I am. I guess every major transition in the kids’ life will give us these feelings, but this one especially. I think when they start middle school, high school, college, and then off to their career, and starting a family… there will always be worry. Always anxiety. Don’t get me wrong. There is a bit. But, we are ready. We are prepared.

If you have read any of this blog, you will know we’ve been through a lot. Could our journey have been worse? ABSOLUTELY. But I cannot understate where we have come from.

And so, let me tell you about our Kindergarten readiness. It starts all the way back going through infertility treatments, and our first ultrasound. 3 heartbeats. OH LORD, I thought to myself. I just want them to be healthy. Most of all, I just want them to live to their fullest potential, and for them to be healthy. Deep inside I knew we were in for a challenge. I can’t tell you how. But I knew.

Fastforward to 30 weeks pregnant. On the dot. We hit the delivery room. Lilly had absent end diastolic flow, I was in full blown pre-eclampsia, and my organs were saying “enough is enough”. The epidural and block were both unsuccessful, so under anesthesia I went. I woke to a whirlwind of emotions. Not only because I had anesthesia, but as I rolled into the NICU in my bed to see our babies they were far smaller than I could have imagined. Only Lilly was not on the vent. Little did I know at that time Grey had to be recessitated in the delivery room. And so it began. Our NICU journey.

The story is similar to many premature infants. Ups and downs with Lilly and Owen. Owen didn’t like to breathe through his reflux, Lilly had a firm belly for weeks because she was not a regular pooper. All had murmurs. Grey, he had other issues. He waxed and waned on the side of a  40 story tall building many nights. When I say that tongue and cheek… Know those were terrible days. Days where you can’t catch your breath from crying, you can’t even explain to your family what is going on because it was  too painful. You think that the next corner he turns has to be better. When it’s not, you feel like you could lean over and puke in the trash can. Set back after setback in the NICU, surgery after surgery the adventure continued. I don’t know how it feels to actually lose a child, but that is the only thing I think could feel worse.

There was one particular conversation that I had with Becca, (one of Grey’s nurses). A conversation that I didn’t know if I wanted to have, but knew I need to set my expectations. After he had his ostomy take-down, and his intestines put back together in September he was very, very ill. His liver was failing, his kidneys were not happy. He was not coming off the ventilator, and really… wasn’t even oxygenating well at all.  He had a wound infection, and a wound vac. My first goal of getting Grey home before Halloween was not going to happen. As a nurse, I know that talking about long term goals with an ICU nurse is really not realistic when survival of each minute and hour is most critical at that moment. But we had a very real conversation. I made a goal of Grey coming home by Thanksgiving that year. He achieved this! But also, I wanted Grey to be caught up developmentally by kindergarten. The first goal, was a short term goal. The Kindergarten goal… I thought of it as a long term goal, but many would say, that was a stretch goal.

Well, we did it. HE did it. Are we ready? YES! We have been working since September of 2010 to get to this place. We did physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy, on and off since he came home from the hospital in November 2010. He came home from the NICU taking NOTHING by mouth. 100% tube fed. He worked. He worked his little self as hard as he could to get to where he is. He was in near liver failure when he was released from his NICU stay. He has recovered. He had terrible strabismus (crossing of eyes) when he came home. He had 2 surgeries to correct this. At almost 6 months old when he came home, he could only break gravity to look at his hands. He worked for every single developmental milestone he hit; including some of the basics of life like eating.

Kindergarten, so are we ready. HELL YES. We are ready. These kids have fought some odds. They have overcome. Am I sad? I’m not. Am I nervous? I am a bit. But I know we have done all that we could have, to prepare all 3 of these kiddos to be where they are. Most of all; I am proud. I am proud of him. I am proud of Lilly and Owen. I am proud of Todd, who is usually my voice of reason, the rock that keeps the optimism flowing in this house. I am gracious to all that have helped us to get where we are. From all the doctors and nurses at St. Vincent, to all of our first step providers, Feeding Friends in Fishers, and our friends, and our FAMILY. I don’t say it enough. Our family has largely been a key to our success. Their help, their encouragement, their faith has been splendid. I am thankful; thankful for every one of my bosses for having patience with me through the rough times. I am thankful for Todd’s bosses throughout the years that never batted an eye when he was absent, or attended appointments with us. We pray the best is yet to come.

Tomorrow is a celebration of the next milestone. Cheers to the next step in our lives!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Complete blog fail! Welcome 2016!

Yeah... complete blog fail.
Do you know how many times I've thought about blogging... and just didn't?

Either way. Lots has changed.
We have (3) 5 year olds. YES 5 years old! Seriously. 5. They are doing so well. We have definitely gone through some ups and downs the past almost 2 years.
May of 2014, we moved into the home we built. That was a huge change for the kids since they had always remembered being in the home they were in. It was a challenge to get them in their own rooms again, and used to it. They started a new preschool. And... if you can believe it next year they will go to Kindergarten. Crazy...

2014 also we lost our husky Jasmine. She also died from liver cancer at 15 just like Hendrix just a few months before that. I have to do a blog post about her. She was one of those dogs you don't forget. Although I don't miss her hair, and her shenanigans, I miss having a dog around the house... most of the time around dinner time, and there are scraps on the floor I must now sweep up.

2015- We went to Disney. We had such a great time. We took my parents and in-laws. This was kind of as a thank you for all the hard work and dedication for what they've done for us. My sister now has a child, my brother now has a child. Perhaps I shouldn't go this long anymore before blogging.

Todd got a promotion somewhere in there... I got a promotion in October. wow... truly shouldn't wait this long to blog.
I am having a hard time even organizing my thoughts.
Grey got glasses. We've been.... SSHHHHHHH "knock on wood" healthy.
Grey started growth hormone injections October of 2014. He went from the less than 3rd% to now the 25%!!! Thriving children we have.
I'm posting this while Todd is at the grocery. We are bracing for.... ready.... an inch of snow, but he said the grocery store was crazy and he wanted to get it done before it's absolutely ridiculous tomorrow. I offered to go to get out of the house, he told me he wanted. I'm guessing he wanted out for a while too. Nobody REALLY wants to go to the grocery before our one inch of snowmagedden. I really will post some more pics, and also a post about Jasmine...promise!