Friday, January 8, 2016

Complete blog fail! Welcome 2016!

Yeah... complete blog fail.
Do you know how many times I've thought about blogging... and just didn't?

Either way. Lots has changed.
We have (3) 5 year olds. YES 5 years old! Seriously. 5. They are doing so well. We have definitely gone through some ups and downs the past almost 2 years.
May of 2014, we moved into the home we built. That was a huge change for the kids since they had always remembered being in the home they were in. It was a challenge to get them in their own rooms again, and used to it. They started a new preschool. And... if you can believe it next year they will go to Kindergarten. Crazy...

2014 also we lost our husky Jasmine. She also died from liver cancer at 15 just like Hendrix just a few months before that. I have to do a blog post about her. She was one of those dogs you don't forget. Although I don't miss her hair, and her shenanigans, I miss having a dog around the house... most of the time around dinner time, and there are scraps on the floor I must now sweep up.

2015- We went to Disney. We had such a great time. We took my parents and in-laws. This was kind of as a thank you for all the hard work and dedication for what they've done for us. My sister now has a child, my brother now has a child. Perhaps I shouldn't go this long anymore before blogging.

Todd got a promotion somewhere in there... I got a promotion in October. wow... truly shouldn't wait this long to blog.
I am having a hard time even organizing my thoughts.
Grey got glasses. We've been.... SSHHHHHHH "knock on wood" healthy.
Grey started growth hormone injections October of 2014. He went from the less than 3rd% to now the 25%!!! Thriving children we have.
I'm posting this while Todd is at the grocery. We are bracing for.... ready.... an inch of snow, but he said the grocery store was crazy and he wanted to get it done before it's absolutely ridiculous tomorrow. I offered to go to get out of the house, he told me he wanted. I'm guessing he wanted out for a while too. Nobody REALLY wants to go to the grocery before our one inch of snowmagedden. I really will post some more pics, and also a post about Jasmine...promise!