Sunday, August 29, 2010

VICTORY.... for now

Victory over OWEN!!!!

The last 2 nights he has slept between his feedings. What is different?? Well, I think the increased amount of formula I've put in his bottles. He is taking around 4 ounces at night, and I think that keeps him more satisfied.

Lilly on the other hand is having some vomiting issues. Not just spit up... vomit. I called the peditrician Friday, and we switched formula to Similac Isomil which is a soy based formula. We are mixing it to get 22 calories per ounce, instead of the standard 20 calories per ounce. She has slept in the carseat the past few nights, and it seems to have helped. The minute you lay her down.... she vomits all over again. So, the carseat it is.

Grey is doing well. GI surgery set his reconnection surgery for Sept 15th.... which, just doesn't work for me. They said the 6th-15th.... and I have said before that I thought it was just to keep me "quiet" but, to then say the 15th.... really makes me a bit unsatisfied. I am going in tomorrow am to talk to them and see if we can move it up. 1 week more is just a lot for him, it's a lot for us, it's just too much. I will see what they say.... the worst thing they can say is no, and I might still stomp my feet a bit. His IV access is not really sitting in the right place because he has grown, and they are going to replace that in surgery, which is just one more reason to do it early. SO, I'll see what they say. If they could compromise to the week before, I would be happier.

Here are the latest pictures of the little man....

Here he is talking to Mommy.... Then after I told him he had to stay a bit longer....
This is Grey with his favorite stuffed animal the frog!

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  1. I love those kids. I better get them some this week or I will throw a fit too.