Saturday, November 24, 2012

Petri dish updates

So many updates and pictures, so little time.

We have been sick since about August with some sort of crud. Take Grey out of the mix even... Lilly and Owen, me, mostly. This time around Todd got the sniffles and a cough too. The cough is just relentless. My in-laws get everything the kids cook up in their little petri-dish bodies too... luckily my mom works at a large pharmacy... so, I think she is immune to about everything. Nonetheless, today and yesterday we are without snot. For that, I am thankful!

My brother got married last month. Lilly was in the wedding, and did spectacular. She really took to the other beautiful flowergirl that was in the wedding. She was 7. They hit it off immediately, and that was a blessing. Lillian walked down the isle just as she should have. She even wore her "pettee dess, and pettee shoes" and left her hair bow/flower thing in until it disappeared somewhere between the wedding and the reception. After she was done walking down the isle, she was promptly escorted to me via a few people, as I knew she would not stay up there in front of all of those people, and then she went to the back of the church... and duty called... eh, hmmmm. She had to poop. I think it was a combo of being scared, and just needing to go. Lilly is my little constipated girl, and well.. she had  been working on it for a few hours I think. I was happy she was escorted out.

I was so thankful that my inlaws were there, as the triplets were NOT good, repeat... NOT good for more than 2 minutes in the church. They didn't even get to see the bride walk down the isle. Todd and his parents took the kids out in the hall to a coat room, and they played and colored, and I was able to watch the wedding from the back row. I was happy to have seen their vows etc. It was a beautiful event. I was very happy for them, and glad that we were able to attend. The kids were so happy to see a dance floor. Seems they knew what it was for, and what they were supposed to do. Immediately before they even started the dance music, just the dinner music, the kids were out on the floor, doing what looked like a toddler worm, breakdancing... etc. It was funny.

Halloween followed not too long after that. The kids were all Mr. and Ms. Potatoheads. They were all so different for trick-or-treating. Lilly was all about the candy. She has been affectionately nicknamed "Honey Boo Boo". That little girl loves her candy. She calls suckers, "sucker-balls". No comment. I think it's likely because most suckers are shaped like balls. But a child relentlessly yelling "Sucker-ball Mommy, Sucker-ball" is a bit embarrassing. Owen didn't care if he had the candy or not, if it meant that he had to go up to the door. Grey was all about going to the door, and he would at times give others candy that were trying to give him candy, OR, he would reach his little hands in the bowls and take a bunch without permission. It was a toss up with him.

They had their daycare/preschool pictures. They were so good.

Grey almost spent the night in the hospital. 104 temp, lethargic, vomiting. IV fluids, and IV antibiotic. He perked up. I think it was just an ugly, ugly virus that got him down. Nonetheless, I'm not against using antibiotics just in case. Sorry. I am just not. Never again will I buy cupcakes with blue frosting. After chunks of blue icing vomit...  let's just say we won't be having those again.

Yesterday was the day that Grey came home 2 years ago. If you are unfamiliar with his story, or pictures of them all back then. It's worth a trip back to those dates. He's come a long way. Knock on wood.... I hate to even type this.. But, I think his ears are good. He passed his sedation hearing test on all frequencies, so he has thankfully suffered no hearing loss from all of this. He will occasionally when scolded, hold his ears, or arm where his picc line was, and let you know he had "owie" there. He's quite the manipulator. He has been using 2 words together quite frequently... and his speech, and play skills have been progressing so much since he can... well, since he can hear now. He is quite often the instigator of battles around here. I think he gets the brunt of what his actions have caused, and I usually see the retaliation. Grey can't cash the checks that he has written at times, so he has to be protected from himself. He can be seen hitting and running from Owen. Owen=40lbs, 40 inches. Grey=22lbs 34 inches. Get it? Grey doesn't....

Owen on the other hand, does know that he is large and in charge. That child is big. Just big. Proportionately big... and surprisingly enough, he is the pickiest eater of them all. BUT, he LOVES MILK! As my mom said this week, "He doesn't let any grass grow underneath him." and indeed he doesn't. He is always on the move. He is the biggest helper of the 3. If you ask him to go get something, or help you with something. He is the first to nodd, and smile, and be on his way. Owen can be found (in the coldest room of the house) stripped to his diaper in his crib, so he can be up against all of his 6 silky/velour blankets in his crib. Why he doesn't use his crib as a hurdle, and jump out, is beyond me.... but I am SO thankful he has not figured out, it would be incredibly easy and fun for him to do. Since Owen usually gets his colds in his chest, he has the hardest time sleeping when he is sick. He does have an as needed nebulizer treatment machine that we utilized  as a comminal treatment mask these last few weeks with this terrible cough everyone has had. He finds himself frequently in our bed in the middle of the night when he is sick. He says, "nuggle wit daddy". He loves to lay and snuggle with Todd. And, it's hard to argue with him when he spoons with Todd, and they are both back snoring in a matter of 2 minutes from the time that little blonde head hits the pillow. But, then it's hard to break once he is not sick. That is where we are now. urgh.

Lillian. My dear little chatterbox Lillian. She is a momma's girl to a fault. We are currently having issues getting her to sleep at night without rocking her for hours, yes.... HOURS at night. Last few nights, it's been 11pm before she decides to give in. It used to be that when I'd rock her, I'd put her down, and she wouldn't even be asleep. She'd just fall asleep, babbling, or whatever. Then it has slowly progressed at night to a battle. If I put her down, she will often wake up after I have rocked her. Then she can be heard, "Mommy rock you, please, mommy rock you". (gotta love toddler grammar) Over and over, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. Mommy. It's enough to make you wanna change your name. If you don't go up there, she will start yelling DADDY, OWEN, GREY.... Seriously. Once I go in there again, she is so hysterical. I hate to see her like that. But, she will say when I go in there, "Mommy, I love you, I love you, you have pettee hair, such pettee hair. " The list goes on and on. "Please no bed, Ninny scared." OMG...... More to come on that I'm guessing.

We are going to start Magic 1-2-3. We have to start something for the fits, and tantrums, and the physical assaults that happen around here. I talked to the peditrician, and he just told me that there are few people that can imagine having 3 (2) yr olds at home, and yeah, it would feel like they run your house, and having 2 boys in the mix is going to result in having some physicalness. THANKS!... lol.

Todd and I got away for a night, and went to a spa/casino in southern Indiana. It was great. I don't think the kids were too great for my mom and sister in law, but... they all made it. We rescheduled our Cabo trip for the end of February. We are both looking forward to it.
I have to admit, since about the time Owen broke his leg, and then all of Grey's ear issues, I have put myself on hold. I need to renew my self care, and put myself back in priority as best I can.
Here are a few pictures from the last month or so.
                                                      All 3 actually sitting still...
                                                   Grey running on the pier
                                            Lilly smelling flowers at Ft. Harrison
Owen Running!
                                                  The boys... so different, yet... so very similar!
                                                     Love those little Grey buns!
                                                              Picking out pumpkins...
                                                                   Poor kitty....
                                                                3 Potatoheads!

 Oh... the dreaded blue cupcakes. Not again... for a long, long time. As  you see, Grey must not have been feel

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