Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ode to my brother Troy

This weekend my brother is getting married in Ft. Wayne. I’d like to say a few words since I am not the best man…. ;)

Lillian is in the wedding as a flower girl. I take no responsibility for her actions, she is 2. Let’s hope for the best, and pray that she likes her co-flowergirl! Now that I got that out of the way…..

Let me tell you a little about my brother via my prospective. Troy is a very bright boy, always has been. For about 2 years he had legs that were 6 inches long… no joke. I can say that my brother and I are likely “closer” than my sister and I. Although that changes at times. Tyann, my sister would say that Troy and her are closer as well. Troy and I are 8 years apart in age, and I think that is why we are closer. We have nothing, yet so much in common.

Troy and I have a lot of personality traits in common. We both care way too much for and about people, and can let our emotions get in our way. We both think before we speak, yet still say what we know we should not…. (although, I have matured out of this bad habit a bit, it caused way too much turmoil for me). We both played sports, and enjoy them. We both care way too much about what others think of us, again… I too have matured a bit more than he has had the opportunity to do yet.

I am so fortunate to have my brother and sister…. Really we take this for granted, and Todd reminds me of this, as he no longer has his beloved brother Travis.

Troy and I have been through our ups and downs. He has watched me go through things perhaps he didn’t understand professionally, personally, and in relationships. And I have done the same for him.

I have watched him grow up, from this little boy… to a man, getting married. It’s unbelievable. My hope for you and Jessica is this Troy…. Be mindful of each other, take care of each other. As you already know, but be sure to keep in mind along the way… it isn’t always perfect, nor will anything be Cleaver-like EVER. Have fun before you settle down and have kids. And, when deciding on how many kids to have, leave the 0.6 off of the 2.6 average each American family has. Stick with 2 ;). Lol! Be good with your money. Love each other. Communicate. Pray.

I love you both. Be good to each other. Treat each other like you are all each other has. Don’t quit, don’t give up. Marriage sometimes sucks, don’t let anyone tell you anything different. It’s work. But just know when it becomes more work than it is love or happiness, then you know, you have some real work to do!

Best wishes Jessica and Troy!

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