Monday, December 20, 2010

Happenings... and pics

Well, my Christmas tree blog will likely not happen!

We had my side of the family Xmas on Sunday. It was very nice. We ordered pizza to keep it easy, and it indeed was much easier. The kids got a lot of toys, and some bath seats that were much needed! They also got a "My baby can read" set... that will be fun to try! Grey got a bit overstimulated, so he and Todd spent a lot of time upstairs chilling in the nursery. He still gets a bit overwhelmed!
We got a few headshots of the kids. Owen is sitting on my lap, and Todd got a pic of him there. He looks like a darn toddler here!

It cracks me up! He is so funny. He now is jabbering, and will be an Indian if you pound on his lips when he is making noise. He gets a kick out of that!

So, we tried the same with Lillian. Lilly is quite the busybody... and this first one, is the funniest picture that she has taken. It was dark in the room, and the Xmas tree was behind her... but she was startled by the flash! I know it may seem a bit mean to post this... lol... But, this picture cracks me up everytime I see it!

Here is the pic of her after she got used to the flash!

I can't say she really likes her bow... but she will wear it anyway!

We weren't that cruel to Grey. We ended up doing an Xmas card through shutterfly, and sent those out as well. Here is Grey's headshot! He is growing so fast!

He loves to look at his fingers, and so, he has his hands up a lot!

Here is a picture that we didn't end up using for the card, but it was cute. Do you know how hard it is to get all 3 to look at you, and smile, or not cry etc.... IMPOSSIBLE! lol. Grey still looks kind of jaundice here... but he is looking better and better each day! We are so happy with his progress!

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