Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot enough for you... long and random

I don't know if people will even read this when they see the title. It is SO stinkin HOT. Walk out side, and fry like an egg. Hopefully just a few more days of this. Days like this, I just hope that people are watching over their children, elderly, and animals. Please people.... take care of those less vulnerable than you.

Just some randomness.....

Those of you on Facebook, know I have a new obsession. I am addicted to Matilda Jane Clothing. It's a darn good thing I don't have 3 girls. I'd go broke. My mom calls it "hippy stuff"... and you all know me, I am far from that. But, for some reason I have just fell in love with this stuff. I cannot acquire it fast enough. Hiding my purchases from Todd at first, but it has become a full fledged addiction. He rightfully told me to tame my purchases for a while... until the fall line comes out. Who can argue with that, that's reasonable I suppose, afterall, it comes out August 1st... shhhhhh.... AND, it's made in Fort Wayne. Seriously... I'm supporting the local economies!
Falling apart....

SOOOO, last Wednesday, I was getting Owen out of the pool (We had a pool fiesta during my lunch) And,..... tweaked my back. Um, yeah. Enough that I lost feeling in my legs, and ended up laying on the patio for about an hour before Todd could get home from work and help me up and go to the local ER. Come Saturday, it was better. Bulging disc they say. Wow. That wasn't fun. Poor Becca. Surprised she came back this week! I had already made an appt with my primary care md related to some abdominal pain while exercising. (For Real, this wasn't an excuse...) And so, long story short, I probably have a significant hernia where I had my abdominal cerclage and c-section. I thought that was the case before I made the appointment. I think I have some adhesions, and significant scar tissue. All of this having weak abdominal muscles with the hernia etc, was likely my back issue. Both doctors said you can thank your triplets for this. Gee... thanks kids! Nonetheless, it comes with the territory. They are worth it. I have a CAT scan/MRI scheduled on Monday. Guessing at some point in the next year, they will have to fix my hernia. I'm scoping out surgeons at St. V's. Although I know surgeons at IU a lot better... I think I will uh, pass on that, for many reasons. There are a few that I worked with at St. V's that are excellent as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that my bowel involvement isn't terrible. I'll keep what I have.
And then.... I had to schedule a follow up colonoscopy. That's in a few weeks. I had polyps starting in early adulthood... have to keep that in check. It's the most preventable, and treatable cancer afterall. um... so yeah.. All I will need after this is an oil change and tires rotated, and I should be good to go for 100,000 more miles.

And, lets see.
What to feed toddlers.
Here is what we are doing now...

0730- wake...table food

0900/0930ish 8 oz formula

1000-12ish nap (unless you are Lillian and decide it isn't necessary for you to nap when you are supposed to)

1230- lunch toddler meal (for lilly and owen split) or something I can think of... lol sippy of milk 2 oz or so, until they throw it across the kitchen!

1400-1/2 milk 1/2 formula 6 oz total bottle

1400-1600ish nap

1600- snack(usually cherrios or crackers, or fruit)

1730- dinner toddler meal etc.with veggie.. juice or water in sippy

1945- 8 oz formula

2000-bed.. shewww!

So, here is what we are feeding already.
Do any of you have any other ideas, or have you done anything different??
Breakfast (usually also a fruit)
Scrambled eggs (this is hit and miss if they throw them on the floor, or eat them)
instant oatmeal
eggo french toast sticks (their fav)
dry cherrios (another fav)
toddler oatmeal
torn up bagels
Lunch/Dinner (also I include a fruit or veggie/ or both)
They really like Gerber Toddler meals
already prepared salad chicken prepackaged (thanks Heather Myers!)
chunky soup of some sort
anything with noodles and meat
Gerber prepared hot dog snacks were a hit!
Grean beans
carrots... i try, they hate them
tried broccoli, they hate it
mixed veggies
potatoes mashed usually
diced apples
diced bananas (they hate)
diced strawberries (they hate)
diced blueberries (they hate)
applesause (a fav)
diced peaches (they hate)
diced pears (they hate)
Snacks (sometimes also a fruit/veggie with)
vanilla wafers
graham crackers
we don't struggle with these... they are limited, but a few small daily snacks.
I've read that toddlers are grazers. This is a phase, and it's fine. So, I try to offer snacks when they get grumpy mid morning and mid afternoon. They usually don't eat when they aren't hungry. Perhaps I just need to read more about it. I don't feel confident on how to feed them, and how much. Winging it, and following their lead.
We struggle with fruit. I think I might need to doctor it up a bit more... like maybe cinnamon or something.... ??
They love water, juice at times, and like whole milk. They will drink water constantly from a sippy.
I guess I struggle because I want to make sure they are getting a balanced meal, and nutritous... but, yet get things they like, and make sure that I give them variety to avoid pickyness.
Our peds md wants us off formula at about 15 months give or take a month, and off bottles at 20 months, give or take a month. We will slowly transition to that.

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  1. I guess I better just take Lilly for the next few weeks so your back can heal. Seriously, that sucks. Like all the crap it took to cook them as long as you did wasn't enough.

    Teaching little ones to eat is somewhat frustrating. Teaching three to eat sounds like a cocktail moment.

    And when I read the title of you blog I said, "That's what she said."