Saturday, January 8, 2011


Happy Belated New Year!

New Years was pretty low key here. Todd's parents came for a while in the evening, we went and got dinner and a movie. We also went to Kohls.... WOW, it was exciting. We were feeding the kids at midnight, so we did watch the ball drop, unlike last year when I was in my first trimester and didn't stay awake after 9pm most nights; including New Years!

We have some SUPER news. Grey had his labs this week, and his liver numbers are ALMOST NORMAL! It is simply amazing the recovery that his liver has made. His direct bilirubin that we have been watching so closely is 0.9, down from it's peak of 18! Thrilled is an understatement! We started him on an every day routine of oatmeal and bananas. He likes it, but the first few bites he makes terrible faces!

Lilly started carrots this week! She absolutely adores carrots. Even though feeding them carrots looks like a massacre when they get carrots Owen enjoys them just as well. I never thought they would like carrots, but indeed they do.

On to resolutions.....
Grey has made a resolution that he is going to get a Gtube (likely, we see the surgeon on the 17th to discuss it) and he is going to do very well, and tolerate surgery like a champ!

Lillian has made a resolution, that she is going to do more tummy time, and try to hold her head straight up and down, instead of tilted!

Owen has made a resolution that he is going to stop growing so much. He is almost in 12 month sleepers....

Todd.... I don't think he makes resolutions. Unlike me putting things off, he does things when he thinks about it.

I need to get back in shape. Triplets aren't nice to anyone's body.... so, I need to do some work!

Go Colts!

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  1. happy to hear all is well :) miss and love you all!