Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black clouds of drywall dust... 8 months, and 33 years

Wow, these last few weeks have been eventful.

Todd started his job. So far so good. He is enjoying it. The commute to Castleton is so much better than downtown. He has another trip the first week in March.
While Todd was gone, I celebrated my 33rd birthday, and the kids were 8 months old. All the while, our basement and ceiling were being repaired. At about 7pm on the 16th the drywall dust overcame us all. The kids were coughing, I was coughing, the dogs were coughing, my mom was as well. We all loaded up... (I say that so easily... but it is a rough, rough event) dogs and all and went to Muncie to spend the night at Todd's parents house.

Let me just say... I cannot, could not do any of this, or maintain our lives very easily without the help that we have received from all of them. My mom is here 2 days a week. I cannot do without her, her input, her support etc. My inlaws are here 2 days a week. We could not both work and maintain our lives without the help of them either. Our parents have been so helpful, it is unbelievable.

So, we made a makeshift orphanage hehe, and dog kennel... at the Maurer's in Muncie. The next day I came back to the house, and all the dust had settled... literally. It was a mess. The ceiling looked incredible. If you need anything done around your house, Olis Construction is wonderful. Mark Olis has been a God Send to us. He not only is remodeling our basement, he did our ceiling, our roof... and THEN, or guest bathroom toilet started leaking all over the floor on Tuesday. He came upstairs, and installed a new one within an hour. We didn't want to have to replace that ceiling too.

So, last weekend was full of cleaning. Mom and I cleaned Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday. Then I cleaned Saturday night. Everything... top to bottom. Curtains are still at the cleaners. So, to my neighbors that may be reading... sorry, I hope our lights aren't blinding to you at all hours of the night.

So, lets take stock.
Ready for a break. Yep, that's right, we are ready to have a smoothe sailing rest of the year.

Grey is scheduled for his Gtube March 11th. Please, start praying now. I am hoping that all of this is just so that his surgery and recovery is a breeze!

Owen is sitting up without support. He is getting his first tooth. He's been a bit grumpy.

Lillian is right behind him. She sat up for about 30 minutes supported by a boppy... She's a hoot!

Grey is doing so well in therapy. He sat up for about 30 seconds supporting himself today propping himself up with his hands.

Wow, I love these kids.

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