Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Maurer House

Lots going on at the Maurer house.

The basement is currently getting finished. There is no lack of banging, popping, and sawing sounds around here. It is nearly all framed, and starting to take the shape of what will be. It is definitely hard having someone else in and out of the house, but our contractor seems to be respectful.. and is always counting the kids, asking where the missing one is. (usually up in the nursery, or in the pack n play)

Grey is doing very well. We are thinking of scheduling the gtube for the second week of March. He is rolling over, and pushing himself up with his arms to hold his head up. He is having some diarrhea, so we ended up having to get a stool sample and take it to the lab. Wow, that was quite the sight. I will spare you the details. Other than that, he is doing super! He is now comfortably in 6 month clothes. He is growing fast!

Lillian is rolling from tummy to back, and back to tummy. She isn't sitting, nor does she think that is skill she will ever need. I remember thinking the same about algebra... although that has come in handy a time or too! Lillian is wearing 9 month clothes, although they are a little long, she likes them so she can suck on the feet of whatever she has on! Lilly is quite the squeeler, and babbles, and loves to eat baby food and cereal. She has loved nearly everthing we have introduced to her. She is a big eater! She can be heard saying "mmmmmm" when she takes a bite, although it sounds like a growl most of the time. She still sucks the food off the spoon, so she will be a big hit on dates with her growling and slurping!

Owen is growing like a weed. He is in 12 month clothes, shortly to be in 18 month clothes. He is sitting on his own for a few seconds, then will lean forward to suck on his feet. Our next task for him is to hold his own bottle. There is no reason he shouldn't. He loves his jumperoo, and likes to stand up, anytime you'll support him. He likes food too, and doesn't say "mmmmm" like Lilly; he can be heard screaming between bites, because no matter how fast you feed him, it's not fast enough. I took him to the doctor a few weeks ago for a few toes that looked red. At that time, I told our peds md that Owen was eating about 52 oz of formula a day...... he told me that was "impressive", and politely told me to give him 3 meals a day, or offer him a bottle of water to cut down on his formula. That has helped Owen get a grip on his formula consumption!

Todd got a new job. He will still be working at Wellpoint (Anthem), and will still be a Financial Consultant Sr..... He will now be working in Castleton, instead of having to drive downtown every day. He will be working for a different division, and with Medicare contracting, and analysis. Not sure I summarized that the best way, but its closer and different, so he is happy. The only con to this job, is the first few months he will be having to travel a bit. Sounds like heaven to me....

This week was interesting. We had an ice storm Monday-Wednesday. Tuesday about 6pm, we lost power. All that I have been fearing, is the loss of power. After much discussion, we then couldn't find a generator..... and we ended up in a hotel that night. Good ole Cambria Suites. My inlaws were here, as they didn't think they would be able to get back and forth from Muncie, to watch the kids... thankfully.... they were here. They stayed with the dogs, while Todd and I packed the kids up and headed to the hotel. Roads were passable, but that was about it. 3 seven month olds don't travel lightly. It took an hour to pack in the dark, and then it took Todd 2 trips with the hotel cart to get us up there. All the kids had seperate pack n plays... and Todd and I each had a king bed. It actually was a quiet night, the logistics were chaotic, but we made it work. The next day it was back on. We headed home. Lillian thought the whole night was just one big party.

Friday while my mom was babysitting, she yelled up to my office that it was raining in the living room. Literally. Down from the 20 foot ceiling, via the ceiling fan, sure enough, it was raining. It is what is called an ice dam. So, needless to say, we need the majority of the great room ceiling replaced, roof fixed, new ceiling fan.... and the carpet cleaned. We currently have 9 buckets and bowls sitting around the living room. It will continue to leak as long as there is something on the roof to melt. Super!

I just keep going back to... it's only a house, and it's only money. Considering all we have been through with Grey, and infertility, and Todd's brother Travis passing away.... it puts things into perspective. Nevertheless, it's annoying.


  1. The picture of the babies on the bed is ADORABLE! Glad to hear they are doing well despite all the nasty weather and consequent chaos! Congrats to Todd on the new job.

  2. I can't wait to see Lilly. They all three look amazing. That little Grey man has the best grin. Ice damm? Seriously? Only you.