Wednesday, February 15, 2012

20 months and 34 years tomorrow

It's been a "trying" few weeks. Lilly and Owen had ear infections for about 2 weeks. Grey then got it along with a GI bug. We ended up in the ER Tuesday of last week with Grey. He wouldn't raise his head, sit up, or walk. He was dehydrated related to his fever and vomiting.... add an ear infection in there for him as well. He got almost a liter of fluid which would be the equivalent of what an adult would need. From Wed to Friday of last week he had 1 wet diaper. He refused to drink from a cup, and would only take the gerber fruit squeezers. Finally... he ended up taking UNflavored Pedialyte. He has been much better since then. So happy to avoid the ER again. This weekend they all seem better. 2 weeks of fevers and vomiting for them is terrible. My mom got it, my in-laws were sick, I got it, Todd got it... wow... it was a doozy! After disinfecting everything from top to bottom.... we are mended!

Owen is doing super. I believe he might be getting his 2yr old molars. He is really drooling, and picking at his ears. I looked in his ears tonight, and I think they look fine. I will address on the 27th with Dr. S. Riddell getting tubes for the little man. He has been plagued with a lot of ear infections in the past few months. He is RUNNING everywhere. He continues to love his shoes and socks. He loves to play in his playhouse. He likes his fruit squeezers, and although he isn't the best eater we can usually find things that work for him. He loves milk. This child will drink milk over anything! If we'd let him he'd drink 30 oz of milk a day. He is 36 inches tall and 33lbs. He's a solid little man! He giggles like no other. I will have to get a video of his giggle some day... it will make you laugh so hard!

Grey is doing much better than he was last week. He is back to eating and drinking normally. He is walking around just fine... sometimes looks like a drunk little sailor but nonetheless, he is awesome. He is starting to imatate words, and demands attention a lot. He is very funny, and loves to play peek-a-boo. We have a developmental therapist coming to the house twice a month and she helps work on fine motor skills with him. He really is not interested, but he will get there. I firmly believe in that. We are going to start implementing time outs soon. I think they are ready, I know we are! He is orniary... and I am so glad I can say that! Love that little man!

Lillian is really trying to talk lately. She is imitating a lot, and will say "snack", "no, no, no", "hot", and will try almost anything you say. She is obsessed with iPads, phones, remotes, and nearly anything electronic. She is getting her eye-teeth, and has been grumpy this month. She likes to dance, along with her brothers. Todd has taught her to do a karate kick and say "hi-ya" when she does it. Today she bit Owen and drew blood. Biting has been something that they have all taken turns doing, but she has had more biting than the boys. She is also running all over. Her napping leaves a little to be desired. She doesn't think it's necessary any more. Little does she know. Lilly loves to take her clothes off. Lets hope that also doesn't continue....

They are all 20 months old tomorrow. Boy how time flies!

Todd is feeling much better. He recently spent the weekend in St. Louis with some friends, I think that renewed his balance a bit.

I will be 34 tomorrow. I travel to Columbus Ohio next week. Todd will be holding down the fort. I am hoping we stay healthy!
Happy 28th Birthday to my lovely sister Tyann tomorrow!

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