Saturday, March 10, 2012

3 can be a crowd....

Spring is around the corner. We cannot wait here!

I had a wonderful birthday. Todd gave me a mother's ring with different colored sapphires. It is beautiful.

We have ventured outside a little bit. It has been so nice to get out and let the kids run around. Leap year day, we went out and all 3 of the kids walked up and down the block all by themselves. It was a major accomplishment. Today we went out front in the driveway and played around, rode on the cars, and barked at random dogs. We also visited with our neighbors, it's so nice not to be hibernating!

Owen has been plagued with ear infections this winter. He again has another infection. He is allergic to 2 classes of antibiotics that are typically used for the ear infections. We went to ENT last week, and he gets tubes on the 16th. It was an absolute breeze for Grey, we are praying for the same with Owen. He is on another antibiotic right now for recurrent infection. The ENT thinks that he has had fluid around his middle ear for quite sometime, and he phrased it as "chronic". He said that he had no doubt why he is not talking yet, he said to him us talking is like he has ear muffs on. He thinks that his speech will take off within a month of getting his tubes. If not, we will continue to work with him, and get a speech therapist if it is warranted. We had their 20 month check up. He was 36 inches, and 35 lbs. Off the charts for his age, and definitely his adjusted age. Dr. Riddell said he thinks he's great. He said, "Yep, he's big, but he's healthy and proportioned perfectly... he's just going to be a big boy." Fine with us. After all, we called him a tank at 3lbs 3 oz. Owen is definitely in the toddler phase. I would maybe even classify him as a terrible 2. He thinks that all the toys are his, even if the last time he played with it was yesterday.. or last week for that matter. He often plays gate-keeper to the playhouse door. He still loves to clean, run his little sweeper, climb on anything possible, run from you when you try to get him for anything, and hide if he knows you are looking for him. He loves shoes and socks. His new word is "hot". That applies to ANYTHING. Food, water, bathtub, sippy-cup...he doesn't like hot temperature things. If he thinks you might be fibbing to him about whatever he is asking about being hot, he will blow on it, just for safe measures! I love that big O!

Grey loves to be outside! He grooves on walking around himself, although if it is windy he will grab on to you, and prefers to hold your hand while he walks. He is now running around, literally. He has yet to get as fast as Owen, but he isnt' to far off. Grey is great playing by himself. He is usually the victim of toy theft. He usually shrugs it off and finds something else to play with, occasionally he will whine and look at you waiting for you to scold the thief... but more and more he is out and out tackling the assailant. He has learned taking the matter into your own hands provides swifter justice. I try to discourage that, but you cannot help but to turn your head and laugh at times. He is my real climber. He is the mastermind of mischievousness around here. He has figured out that if he pushes the slide over to the playhouse, you can almost climb onto the roof... if you push a chair over to the gate you can stand on your tippy-toes and try to flip the lever to escape, and if you want to make quick friends, get some snacks and go to the gates and feed the dogs. He often is the winner of the stair races. He loves to slide down the slide, and usually at the top he screeches for you to look at him before he departs for the bottom. He has truly blossomed into his own. He is eating like a champ, and drinking much better than he ever has. His dietitian is even going to decrease visits to once a month soon since he is gaining weight steadily.His stats at his check up was 31 inches 22lbs. Small but mighty that little guy is catching up fast! Dr. Riddell was so happy with his progress both physically and developmentally.

Last but certainly not least... Lillian. Lilly is our dancer. The boys like to dance, don't get me wrong... but she stomps her feet and raises her hands and arms.. twirls around. I need to get a video of it. She enjoys entertaining. This is concerning because she LOVES to disrobe... but we hope they aren't related, and she will grow out of that habit! However, not only does she like to disrobe, but she will put on multiple layers of clothing if allowed, and will scream if they dont' go on correctly. She is a giggle bucket, and can certainly be the troublemaker if given the opportunity. Thus the title of the blog. We recently took our first trip to Kendallville, which is in N. Indiana, my hometown. The kids haven't been there since birth, and we made the trip last week. The kids don't ride well in the car. 2.5 hours, and stopped 3 times for snacks, readjustment of blankets, shoes, socks etc. On the way home the boys were asleep before we got out of town. Right before we got to I69, Lillian promptly took her shoes off (both of them) and since she sits in the middle of the boys in the truck, she clocked both of them in the head at the same time. They both screamed, were startled.. they were asleep. She giggled, and giggled..... Grey went back to sleep, Owen cried for the next 2 hours. Lilly then went back to watching to Sesame Street. She may find herself in the third row on our next road-trip. She too is running in protest to things. She holds her own weight with Grey and Owen. She enjoys carrying around bags like purses. She still likes her rocking horse and the teeter-totter. Lilly is still a "mommy's girl", but is becoming more and more independent! Her stats at the check up was 32 inches, 25lbs. As Dr. Riddell said, "Almost perfect". We'd like to think so too!

Our next thing is to stop the night time bottle after Owen is done with the tubes. By April 1st or so, we will be done with bottles. They all continue to eat fairly well. It's hit and miss like all toddlers, but eat a variety of fruits, veggies etc.

Other than all that, things are status quo. It's always busy, but I feel like we have fallen into a new "normal" routine. Organized chaos is the norm, but it's better and better each week. We could not function and continue to strive without the help of our families and helpers we have in and out of the house. Every one of them helps us stay sane!

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  1. What the hell? Didn't I just catch Lilly six months ago? How can they not be babies any more? And they are so flipping cute. I can't wait to have them out for a farm play date.