Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brief update

Lots going on, just hard to abbreviate it all.

Grey has gotten glasses. We are slowly building up to wearing them more and more. (See the smudges??)lol He isn't all that thrilled with them, unless they are on his forehead, or in his mouth. They appear to help his eyes when they are on. His vision is actually good, it's what all infants have. The opthamologist says he is farsighted, which is common. But, since he has eyes that alternate crossing from time to time they correct the vision with glasses in hopes that the muscles will not have to work hard, and correct the eye movement. Let's hope it works, and he becomes more keen on the idea. He is getting 2 teeth at once, and has double ear infection, with a sinus infection to boot. He has a tube back in his nose, which I may, or may not have posted about. Its a complicated matter... but he is having severe reflux, and this is causing vomiting. So, the tube in his nose goes down to his small intestine and that is where his food goes. Feeding here does not cause reflux. He still has his gtube that goes into his stomach, and that I have draining out to a diaper, because he has been vomiting mucous from his sinus infection. The little man, is just a mess.... But, I think he is on the mend.

Lillian is sitting quite well, and has her two front teeth. She started babbling, and jabbering late this week... lots of ba, ba, ba, ba.... Owen has been crawling all over her, and she finds that less than desireable. I'm hoping she decides to crawl here soon. She loves baby food by the way. The little girl that you have to force her to drink a bottle at times, loves her baby food. We have started her on some solids this weekend. I mashed some cooked carrots, and she again, seems to love them.

Owen is getting his 2 upper teeth, and has the 2 lower teeth like Lilly, and like what Grey is getting in. He is crawling all over... and especially if there is a remote, phone, cell phone, or a cord anywhere near. Tonight he tried pulling down the fake potted plant I have sitting in the corner. I am seeing a few things going up high in the near future. He remains a silly little boy. He loves to smile and laugh.... I'm fearful he will be a class clown one of these days.

We are planning a 1st bday party. Brooke, which was Lilly's primary nurse in the NICU is planning the party. We are going to have it at the Hawthorne Country Club in Fishers (I need to learn how to post a link better.... )Themed Dr. Seuss, it should be fun. My goal for Grey is that he will be sitting up unassisted by then. I think we are well on our way.

Ferberizing is going pretty well for the kids. They go down fairly well. They didnt' cry at all tonight, and usually it is about 15 minutes they may fuss before they decide it is time to just go to sleep. They are well on their way to getting their own rooms. Our goal is to have Owen move out of that room by about June. He wakes Lilly up a lot, trying to pull himself up in the bed, and getting frusterated I think. He also has wet through his diaper and clothes a few times during the night. He then gets cold, and cries..... and then it's all down hill from there!

Todd has assembled a very nice gym in our basement... my elliptical arrived this week.... and after a long ordeal, the powercord will arrive likely in the next few days. I have 1 week down of dieting, and already starting to see progress. That makes me happy. I plan to try to start exercising this week as well. I really didn't realize how out of shape I was until we have have been taking walks, and I am out of breath easily. Before I was just lazy, but not really that out of shape. I think carrying the triplets, and months of bedrest, 2 surgeries, and lots of sleepless nights has really taken a toll on this ole bod..... That soon shall fade, I am determined!


  1. They look great! Thinking of you guys - don't be hard on yourself! You have had a LOT to deal with. It's great you are getting a little time to do something for yourself!

  2. Owen - looks like a toddler
    Lilly - oh princess, how I love you
    Grey - HE IS SO FLIPPING CUTE IN HIS GLASSES!!!!!! I seriously love it. You say he's a mess - but you know we have seen WAY bigger messes from him. I still cry when I think about us all holding hands over him for his first baptism.
    I love your kids. I am way to emotionally attached to them. But, too late now so I better just give up love them to pieces.
    AND THE PARTY is going to rock