Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

We had a great Easter. Todd's parents came over, and we had some festivities at our house. It is so much easier when things are here... not having to get everyone out and about. My side of the family had Easter in N. Indiana.... but Grandma left the wagons on Friday. Everyone is feeling good.

Grey is feeling better I think. He is still not happy about his nose tube, but we are hoping in the next 2 weeks to get that out. He really ate well today, better than I have ever seen him eat. He was wanting baby food, opening his mouth for it, and really was happy to drink out of his sippy cup. I will go into all that at a later time. I don't want to jinx it. You all will think I'm crazy anyway after that post. Can you tell he was excited about his wagon with gifts in it? He also liked the ice cream cone bubbles that Gma and Gpa Maurer got him!

Owen is standing up in his crib now. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff. Super stud, was I think the term he used. Although footing is still getting worked out, an occasional bonk on the head is common. Notice he accidentally is wearing a #2 diaper?? A stray got in his #4 diaper bin... lol

Lilly has decided that she will never crawl, she doesn't like her tummy.... We're still working on that! She didn't really like the bunny ears, but she let us snap a decent pic.

She did like plastic Easter eggs though.

Sleeping is going very well! (Again.. shhhhhh, we won't tell them)

Here is a prize pic from today. Daddy was absolutely hell bent on getting an outside shot. We got them dressed, stepped out the door, and it started to rain. Todd would constest that it was not raining, it was "misting".... nonetheless it was cold, and there was moisture falling from the sky. We were out for about 2 minutes, literally. If they looked stunned.. that is because... they are. It is a beautiful back drop there in front of the irises... We'll have to try it again on a better day!

I'll definitely post more later this week. I'd like to get a basement blog in!

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