Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big Birthday Celebration!

We had our big birthday celebration June 26th. It was Dr. Seuss style! Thanks to everyone that came! This party was as much of a celebration as it was a time to thank our friends and family that helped us through the year... and it allowed everyone to see the kids, and for us to see them. It was a wonderful day! A big thanks to Brooke for taking these pics, and capturing the memories for us! This is Brooke's blog. She does some photography as well, and this is her photo blog Again, thanks everyone!

This is pre-mess!

These are the Holy Cow Cupcakes from Carmel.

Lillian didn't really like her tutu.... but she was a trooper!

Nor did she really think her bloomers were as cute as everyone else did.

This is my sister Tyann and Lillian. Lilly likes to visit with Tyann, she usually has some nice jewelry to pull!

She loved her cupcake! A girl after my own heart!

This is Grey and his NICU nurse Becca. He loves Auntie Becca.

He did humor us, and eat some cupcake.

Perhaps he likes Becca because she is so patient with him. That child lights up when she comes on Wednesdays.

But a big party can sure wear a little man out.

This Erin (aka, one of the most beautiful pregnant women I've seen) who was Owen's NICU nurse. Owen spent the whole day trying to get down again, and again....

and again with Uncle Troy....

shewww.... can't a boy just crawl all over the floor?? It's his party after all!

He too enjoyed his cupcake!

He and Grey enjoyed a moment together.

It would not be a triplet party unless you have multiple sets there! The Myers triplets came! Todd and I met Heather and Neil in the NICU. I talk to Heather almost daily. Sometimes she is the only person I can vent too, since Todd is likely sick of hearing me. lol Thanks Heather for being such a great friend! They will turn 1 on July 4th!

L-R Mackenzie, Lillian, Leila, Owen, Grey, and Charlie.

This is Noah and his dad... he has gotten so big and handsome!

The boys enjoyed watching some movies in between running around. I think they had a good time! Evan, Noah, and Max enjoyed playing together.

And, this is us! Very happy to have survived the year, and very happy to have many more to come!

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  1. You sure know how to host a party! It was such a great celebration of life!