Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday cupcakes

Grey enjoyed a little cupcake tonight. After the initial coaxing... he felt like dipping his fingers in and putting some on his tongue. He still managed to get filthy!!!

Lillian thought the cupcakes were the bomb! She kept saying "MMMMMMMMM" as she put her bites in her mouth. I was most surprised by her eating the cupcake. She can be picky at times... but not tonight. Her birthday cupcake hit the spot!

Owen ate THE WHOLE cupcake. He absolutely loved it. He had cupcake from head to toe, and I mean literally!

This makes me wonder how the heck we will keep them decent at their party next weekend.... perhaps the cupcake eating will be saved for almost the end.... and in their diaper only?? Wow, they were messy!

It makes me happy I ordered cupcakes for their big party on the 26th! I ordered them from HOLY COW CUPCAKES. You can see them at . I'll try to post more pics tomorrow. One year down, and many more happy years to celebrate!

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