Sunday, June 12, 2011

Progress and the Octagon!

This week is a significant week. Lillian, Owen, and Grey will celebrate their 1st Bday.

Owen is the most active of the 3. He really is pretty close to walking. He comfortably pushes his toys around our living room... crying when he runs into something. (backing up is a bit more advanced!) He walks around the octagon that we have set up in our living room! He is very skillful at tackeling Lillian, and stepping on Grey while they are playing. For some reason, he feels that they are his step stools. Tackling is an issue we need to address with Owen. He SEEMS to know "OWEN, NO!"... however he responds only a percentage of the time. We had to get something to contain them, and this is what we have taking up our living room.

Please be gentle when judging the mess. Remember I have 3 one yr olds!

Owen has about 6 teeth, and getting his molars. He is sleeping much better, and continues to love his blue blanket in bed. His favorite TV show has to be the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. That hot diggity dog song really is catchy. He can be seen dancing and smiling to it when it comes on. Mickey brings smiles to him every morning. We are starting to introduce table food to he and Lilly. They like the Eggo french toast sticks. Cherrios continue to solve all of his problems. He says MaMaMa, and is working on DaDaDa.. but is not purposeful with them yet. He likes to cluck his tongue, and giggles a whole lot! This child is a big boy. I cannot wait to get his stats next week at their 1 year check up.

Lillian is quite the character. She is our circus seal. She does a number of tricks. She likes pat-y-cake, she loves peak-a-boo... and she LOVES her Aden and Anais swaddle blankets. We have 12, and its a good thing, because whenever they are visible, she feels she must have one. She gets one for naps and bedtime. She will kiss, she sticks her tongue out, she shakes her head "no" which is quite annoying when it feels like she knows what you are asking her. She too likes to cluck her tongue. She REALLY wants to be able to stand up on her own. She is hit or miss in the octagon, but in her bed, she is very skillful! She sits up from a laying position, and even though her arms are not strong, I saw her crawl about 10 feet today. When she is motivated, there is no stopping her. She also loves to take bathes, and get the whole bathroom soaked!

Grey is Mr. Personality. He poses for the camera like no other! He knows a few things for sure.... He does not like his glasses, he'd rather not eat, he likes to roll to his destination, and if Lillian isn't careful, he will be crawling before her, he likes his pacifier, he loves his Baby Einstein entertainer that is in his pack n play, and he really enjoys going for car rides and being held! He has his preferences, that is for sure. All of that being said, he has a great little personality.He too likes the swaddle blankets. He can be seen at any given moment pulling on the tubing to his feeding bag, and always seems to be amazed that the pole continues to fall over on him each and every time. He is the only one that STILL likes the ceiling fans, and prefers to touch them if you lift him up. Grey has made the most progress, and has certainly come a long way!

Tomorrow they will turn 1. I cannot believe that it has been 1 year, but in some aspects it seems like an eternity since they were born. Every day is a blessing. I will post tomorrow some pictures that were taken of them at 2 days old... you will see then definite evidence of just how far they have come!

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  1. Seriously - one? I remember us fighting over who got to be primary of who. Of course I picked Lilly - but I picked for Erin and Becca too. Maybe I am a little bossy. And I LOVE your new header picture. How bright and perfect.