Wednesday, October 13, 2010

5 hours!!!

Lilly and Owen slept like rockstars... or I guess that would be opposite of rockstars last night. They slept from midnight until 5am. It was definitely paradise! It may have been a fluke, but, we'll take it! We have md appointments coming in the next few days.

Grey's hida scan was moved to Monday. I talked with his liver doc today, and she is not thinking that he has biliary atresia, as all the lack of symptoms I noted in yesterdays post... she just wants to do the hida scan for completeness sake. She then went on to tell me that she had a little boy in a similar circumstance, actually had an abnormal scan, but overall it was just the iv nutrition that caused issues with him as well. I felt much better with that. He had a kidney doctor see him today. He has had some high blood pressure, that has been transient. They are going to change his medicine, and we will follow up with them when he is discharged. His renal ultrasound was normal. All and all, I think we are still status quo. Just dotting some i's and crossing some t's.

Here are some pics that I have taken or gotten of Mr. Greybear!
I'll try to post a "liver lesson" tomorrow... explaining what they are looking for in Grey, and an overview of anatomy and physiology.


  1. who's tha other baby in the background of the 2nd one? hahaha! ditto on the loving the face comment!!!