Sunday, October 3, 2010

Keep moving along

Well, life continues to keep moving. The kids are doing well here at home. Lillian is still having some colic at night. Although we have decided to use this time to give her a bath, and that calms her down for a while. Owen is doing well. He and Todd went to see Grey today in the NICU while Lilly and I put clothes away.... well, I put clothes away and organized, she cried. Owen is sleeping much better. He still enjoys his food, but who can fault him for that. They have had a few nights when they have gone 4 hours between feedings, and then during the day, they have eaten every 3 hours. Either way, I feel we are on the verge in the next few weeks of eating every 4 hours. The full day that they did it was super!

Grey is doing well. He is up to 45ml every 3 hours of breastmilk, however... he isn't eating it by mouth yet, just down his tube. He is pretty testy when he is messed with, just like after the last surgery, but we'll have to work with him again, and get him back to where he was before. His blood pressure was high today. I am guessing that he is going through some narcotic withdrawl. He may have to go on a steady narcotic pill like methadone for a little while, and wean off so the withdrawl doesn't hinder his feedings etc. He did vomit a few times today.... he may be hitting his breaking point that they will slow down on increasing his feedings for a bit. He did have a liver ultrasound and a peds liver md was consulted. It sounds like the liver ultrasound was normal, and the doc was unimpressed with his labs etc. Which.... THAT'S GREAT! Chances are, once he is off his IV feedings, his liver will slowly improve. That's what we want!

I restart work on Monday. I'm looking forward to it actually. My in-laws will be watching the kids most of the week. Night nanny will come Monday and Wednesday nights. Thursday night, my mom will do. Todd will do Friday and Saturday night, I will do Sunday and Tuesday nights. We'll see how it all works out. The tricky thing is getting up to the NICU to see Grey. My anxiety level seems to creep up when I'm not able to go. We're going to have to do something about having time to get there.

Thanks for the continued prayers. Grey is doing great, but still has a journey ahead of him... but all indications is he will be a little fighter that will pull through and strive!

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