Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Winston Churchill...

I saw a card today that I picked up for someone close to me.... It was a Winston Churchill quote that said- If you're going through hell, keep going. Hmmm... how fitting for me as well. Don't get me wrong, my children are the apples of my eye, the loves of my life, reasons for being, and they bring me just pure joy. I love them. I love my life. I love my friends and family. Having Grey in the NICU for 4+ months... has been indeed that... hell. I guess the one positive thing is I have made some friends in the NICU nurses that I never went into pregnancy, nor the NICU expecting to come out with. But friends, is sometimes an understatement for these ladies that care for, or have cared for those little joyful fruits of our labor!

On a few other random notes...

Jasmine is quite happy at the moment. She ate 3 snickerdoodle cookies off the counter tonight. Nevermind the fact the container was closed, and pushed to the back of the counter. She will be feeling that tomorrow... or tonight. Seriously, if she pukes in the house, I will be soooo mad at her!

Aunt Sally- I forgot to call you back tonight after talking to mom about scoring us some ready made formula in Kendallville.... I'll email you tomorrow! Lol!

Similac- GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER! It's so nice that you have discounted the ready made formula, but honestly, searching all over Indianapolis for it is just not in my schedule right now.

Lillian and Owen are doing quite fine. They have 2 md appts this week. One with the genetics guy that sees all the NICU babies. I think they go through their milestones and such... Dr. Escobar. That's thursday 10:00. Then Friday at 2pm, they have an appointment with the peditrician to get their 3 month shots, and a check up. Lilly has been a bit fussy lately, especially in the evening. She has had a runny nose and a cough, although tonight, she seems to be better.

Grey man is doing just fine. They are increasing his feeds, and transitioning him to formula from breastmilk. His IV nutrition is still not off, should come off later this week. His liver numbers did jump up today. The liver doc wants to do a hida scan on him, and with the prep that he needs, the soonest it can be done is Friday. The condition they are checking him for is called biliary atresia. Although in my brain, and heart... I believe his liver issues are just from his IV nutrition. Biliary atresia is something that is helped by surgery some times, but other times a liver transplant is needed. And, sometimes the surgery is just temporary, and down the line a transplant would be needed. I go through his symptoms in my mind.... he has no ascites (fluid in his belly) his clotting numbers (INR, platelets) are super, his spleen isn't enlarged, his gallbladder looked fine on, I really just think that it's damage from the IV nutrition, and not a congenital abnormality.
Please pray that this is the case. Grey needs no more surgeries, no more issues... he's due for a little bit of luck (if you will).

Here are some of the pics that are recent. I have a ton of cute Grey pics... I just need to download them off my phone. They will be coming soon!

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