Sunday, November 7, 2010


So, functioning is something that needs to be at it's easiest in the Maurer household now a days. This is a picture of my once uncluttered, once organized, once babyless house. Don't get me wrong. I don't want it to be babyless any longer... I'd like it to be uncluttered... but I'll have to wait for the next 20 years for that!

I rearranged the house furniture to make it more functional. I don't think Todd is fond of it, and I must admit, it has taken some getting used to. 3 swings, 3 bouncers, 2 play-yards, 3 bumbos, 2 toyboxes, 2 pack n plays, one changing table, a rocker... 3 boppies, and the list goes on, and on, and on. That is just the downstairs. I won't even get into the upstairs. So good bye my house that was well put together.. color coordinated etc, hello boppy pillows, pack n plays with blankets placed all over. Good bye leather chair and foot stool... you must now go upstairs. So functioning is what is important now, and it has made things a bit easier!

Day light savings time was a success here at the Maurer house. We did gain an hour... BUT!!!! BUT!!!!! Todd and I fed Lilly and Owen at 1115pm, and swaddled them, turned on their white noise machine, put them in their cribs in their nap nannies.... Good morning! It's 630am. They slept for 7 hours. Not a peep. There was a part of me that was scared to go into their room. But we turned all our clocks back, gained our hour, (530am now), fed them, back to sleep they went and woke up at 1015! It may be a fluke. I'm preparing myself for it being a fluke; but boy it was nice!

I changed Owen from his high calorie Neosure back to Similac Advance. Yes, it's still relatively hard to find Advance, but he has been so fussy at night. After 2 nights of not being on Neosure, he's back to not being fussy. I think it makes him to gassy, or bloated... heck I don't know. If he doesn't get a academic scholarship because I took him off of the DHA/ARA high calorie Neosure for preemies, well then, I guess that is my fault. But, he is much happier! Owen is rolling over all the time from belly to back. It appears he likes to play on his back more, as he doesn't stay on his belly much when placed there!

Lilly has been less fussy in the evenings.. (KNOCK on wood!) I think she is growing out of it a little. We'll see if that continues. She too likes to play on her play mat, although tummy time leaves a lot to be desired for the most part! She does push herself up, and looks at you, but by that time, she is so beside herself that you have made her do it, she's at a loss. They all 3 are babbling and cooing a whole lot. Smiling when they are smiled at, is such a blessing to see!

Grey is doing spectacular! He is off oxygen, and is doing great. His liver numbers went down again on Friday, and we will watch the trend again on Tuesday. He is almost off of methadone (medicine to help him with withdrawl from narcotics from prolonged stay on the ventilator), and so it may not be Friday that he comes home, but I honestly look for it to be early the following week.

Here are the latest pics of Grey, he's a handsome boy!

The dogs got groomed on Friday. I can't say they were happy with me about it, but they look better. They are still sporting their bandanas; that too, they are not happy about.
Have a good week everyone!!! Hopefully this is our last full week without Grey at home!

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