Thursday, November 11, 2010

Next Friday

Shhh... Don't tell Grey, and don't jinx us... but next Friday if all the stars and planets align, Grey will be coming home. I say don't tell Grey because, although he knows who I am, and knows who daddy is... he loves his nurse Becca. I don't want him to act up. I have to say in the past week, Erin, and Brooke have also taken care of him, and I think he flirts with them as well! Dr. Bin Saad will be his doctor next week, and he is already giving me a hard time about him not going home! I think Bin Saad will miss me. In fact, I know he will... and I am more than certain that he will miss Todd. Todd has always liked Bin Saad, and he was Grey's initial doctor when he was born.

Adding to my anniversary post, my husband surprised me with my inlaws coming that night so we could go out to dinner, and also sent me roses. Wow, what a guy! We went to Eddie Merlot.... and seriously, that filet was the best! We had a great time. We didn't have to rush home, and I knew the kids were well taken care of. What a treat! Lilly and Owen then decided they would sleep from midnight until 730 in the morning! Thanks kids! The only thing that could have made that day better was if Grey was already home!

Soon enough, my family will be under the same roof. I cannot wait for that day to happen!

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