Monday, November 15, 2010

On schedule

Shhhhh.... we're not going to say anything too loud.

We will certainly shout from the rooftops when I load that little man into my SUV on Friday. Grey is on schedule to come home Friday. His bilirubin is down to 9.5. Normal is less than 1... but let's put it into perspective here.... the beginning of November it was 15.2. We have come leaps and bounds!

The feeding pump has been ordered. I will not count my blessings before they come true, but I am really excited!

Tomorrow I took the day off, again, I don't tell Grey these things because when I get my hair done, or schedule it... he acts out! So, the hair gets cut, and color. I have about a thousand errands to run too!

Not going to the NICU is going to definitely be a double edged sword. We have gotten to know the nurses and doctors there better than we ever expected:)!! But, it will be so good to be under one roof for the first time!

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  1. Best of luck to your family. I have enjoyed watching them grow and grateful to have been a part of their lives.
    <3 Kari