Monday, July 26, 2010

A better day in the NICU

Yesterday and today have left Grey with improvement. Today he is off all of his blood pressure medicine, he is on very low ventilator settings, (he could probably come off of it, but he is on some medicine to keep him sleepy for pain control) he didn't get any more blood today, and his labs look better. We count every blessing we get! He is starting to open his eyes a little as well. Here are two pics of him from a week ago.
Wow what a difference a week has made. Although he looks and is doing so much better, I cannot wait for him to look like this again! It's also amazing how all 3 of the kids look very similar! We have to continue to pray that Grey heals, and has no more complications. We start the clock with him again, he will have the surgery to put his intestine back together again in about 8 weeks, then we have to make sure he eats well, and tolerates his feedings. He can do it, he's quite the little soldier!
Lilly and Owen are doing very well. Todd gave them a bath today in the sink in the NICU. They are eating well, and growing appropriately. Owen should get circumcised tomorrow evening. That will be interesting!
I must say it is difficult to celebrate the milestones of Lillian and Owen, when Grey is having such a rough road. We just have to take it day by day.... and some days minute by minute.

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