Monday, July 26, 2010

Poop in the ostomy!!!

Small victories! Grey has poop in his ostomy! Last surgery he had on his bowel, it took about 2 weeks for him to have poop in his ostomy, but now that liquid green stuff in the bag makes me VERY happy!
He should be able to come off the ventilator tomorrow. My worry for him is pain control. The nurses do a great job assessing and treating him for pain, it's just easier to see him snockered, cause I know he is not in pain then. BUT, he has to come off the vent asap... so it's a trade off.

Owen was supposed to get circumcised, but as of 2230 tonight, he wasn't on the schedule. He'll get done soon though I'm sure. He took his whole bottle tonight, I just talked to his nurse. He is now starting to fuss a little before his bottles, so they are definitely getting to be like "real babies".

Lilly is also doing well. She eats like a trooper!

Both Lilly and Owen are what the NICU calls "growers and feeders". I can't wait until Grey is looped into that category. His time is coming!

Today I went to the pool for an hour. There is something about a hot day and the sun beating down on you that makes all the stress go away. Although I couldn't stop thinking about the kids, it was a nice hour just to get away. I was thinking about being able to bring them all 3 down to the pool next year, and what their little swimsuits will look like.

I'm making Grey's goal to get out of the hospital Halloween. I think this is realistic, and I think the nurses think the same. I am so glad he is getting better. I will take small victories on top of none at all! It's going to be a longer road with Grey, but as long as he is well and happy... we'll deal with whatever we need to!

I did talk to my NEW boss today. 1.5 years in my job at Anthem, this is my 4th manager in the same position! Amy is her name, and she was very friendly on the phone. It was a bit awkward to call her on the phone, she's never worked with me and doesn't know my work ethic. It was hard to say, "Hey, you've not met me, nor have I worked in months... but I need 3 more months off!". So I am applying for a personal leave maximum of 3 months. I really don't anticipate being off that long. I want to get Lillian and Owen home for a few weeks, and then I'll start back to work. Then when Grey comes home, I should have atleast a few days of PTO I can take off. I've been thinking a lot about how it will be to have 2 kids at home, and 1 still in the NICU. It will be difficult. My concern is that Grey gets the amount of attention and bonding that he needs. We'll just have to make it work. There is no choice in the matter. I look forward to the day of having all 3 home, but tomorrow... I should be able to hold Grey again, so another small victory is what we are celebrating!
Thanks for everyones' prayers! They are working, but we still have a long road.... so keep em coming!

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