Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intuition and a set back

No post yesterday, for good reason.
Yesterday in the NICU, things were good. The issue with a staff member I had was taken care of, and won't have to worry about that again. I didn't want to be "that parent" that "fired" a nurse, but once the trust with her was completely injured it cannot be recovered.
Then, once it was time to leave, I really felt like things weren't right, kind of had some reservations about leaving, but all the kids had a good day; I really couldn't pinpoint the issue.
I returned to the hospital at about 11pm and still felt something wasn't right with Grey. I talked to the staff, as his heart rate, and oxygenation fluctuated, both of which is normal for preemies at times. I got home at about 3am.
At 10am, I received a call from the nurse taking care of Grey. He was put back on the ventilator, and they think he has a bowel infection.
Once arriving at the NICU, Grey was calm, his color looked good, and his ventilator settings were minimal. Yet, he is still sick, very sick. After being debriefed by the nurse and doctor, the fear of your child being sick sets in. The fear of him being in pain, the fear of him having to go through yet again something major etc.... Once the surgeons looked at his xray, it was decided that they would treat him like he had NEC. although wikipedia is not usually where you should go for your medical advise, this is actually a decent description.
Now, we wait and pray. Wait while the antibiotics work, pray that he continues to fight and that he gets better, and that this is the last illness he is plagued with.
I did just call on him, and he is no different... xrays look a little better, and he is resting comfortably, still has stable vital signs.
Prayers much appreciated.....

Now that all the negative stuff is out of the way.... allow me to update you on the other 2, and tell you what we took away from today.
Lillian- is truly enjoying her bottle. She can be heard about 3 feet away burping and smacking her lips when you are burping her. She is doing well with her bottle. She eats about 40% of her bottles. This needs to increase to 100% before discharge home.
Owen- continues to be the biggest. Our nurse today called him a grande gordita. He is 4lb 11oz, and some of the preemie sleepers he is too long for. He too likes his bottles, and eating about the same as Lilly. Feeding them makes me happy. He will likely come out of his isolette tonight, and be in a crib! YAY!

Also they did do a head ultrasound on Grey today... as strokes are another reason for decompensation in many preemies.... it was negative, no strokes! THANK YOU GOD! As one of our primary nurses was telling me that it was negative, she then told me that when the doctor told her it was negative, she cried.
(Each kid has a nurse that is their "primary nurse". These nurses picked our kids to take care of the majority of the time that they work.)
I then realized that there were positive things that were going to come out of this day. It was solidified that:
1. Our primary nurses take excellent care of them. They never hesitate to go above and beyond for our kids.
2. They too care so much for our kids. Not just as a nurse, but it's a maternal care.... a care that is unique with each of the primary nurses, and their kid (ours too... lol). I realized today again, what special nurses we have. Even when things are touchy they know just what to say.
We cannot thank them enough, nor can we say enough about them or to them to make them know how much we appreciate their competent care.
Tomorrow we are hoping for a different day. One that is better of course. Grey will beat this, in my heart of hearts, I really feel he will be just fine. He certainly has had a rough few weeks, but once he beats this, and he's running around at 2 years old, this will just be a memory... and something that we were meant to go through for reasons we may never know.


  1. Oh Brooke, I just hope you and the others know how much we appreciate you guys, and your care!