Sunday, July 18, 2010

update and randomness

Update on today: Grey is off CPAP, and seems so much happier when I held him today. His little face isn't scrunched up anymore, and everytime I looked in his isolette he was sleeping with his little arms above his head, which is how he likes to sleep.
Owen is doing well, he drank almost all of his bottle for daddy.
Lillian took about 15 cc of a bottle for me.
My brother and his girlfriend came down to see them. It was nice to visit with him a little.

On to randomness...
I went to the grocery store for the first time in about 7months. Kroger at Geist has changed everything around, imagine my surprise. I do remember how much grocery shopping isn't my favorite thing to do. Nevertheless it's done, and I bought some "GUSHERS" which happen to be my favorite thing to eat along with fruit roll-ups. This is a new favorite, and I'm sure it will pass... but for now I'm addicted.

Tomorrow I am FINALLY getting my hair cut and my eyebrows done. My mother in law is bringing over supper, which will be super! My mom is coming for a visit. I'm looking forward to all of that, but especially my hair cut. It's in desperate need of cutting. It needs color too, but that takes too much time right now.

Big Brother is on tonight. Oh, the smut that I enjoy on TV is truly sad.
Nachos for dinner....I'm gonna figure out how to post pictures tomorrow....

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