Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nicu take #1

Oh the NICU rollercoaster..... To summarize, and just make it easy to read... and not feel like you want to scoop my little Grey up and take him home RIGHT NOW.... here it goes.

Owen and Lillian have really done quite well since birth. They were a little bigger. Owen was 3lb 3oz, Lillian was 2lb 6 oz, Grey was 2lb 1 oz. I was released from the hospital Monday June 21st. Still feeling a bit out of sorts, we spent the afternoon in the NICU. Lillian and Owen were doing fine, on CPAP, but doing great. Grey had some issues with his bowels. His bowel sounds were a bit slow, and he was having some vomiting of his feedings. To make a long story short, Grey had a test the next day, and went to surgery about 2 hours after that. I will skip all the crying, and blubbering I did... feeling like I could pass out, and simply vomit at any time.... Grey had his small intestine resected, and now has what is called an ostomy to rest his bowel. He will have another surgery to reconnect his bowel before discharge home.
All is well for a while..... enter heart murmurs... on all 3 babies. Lillian and Owen, were given medication for 2 days to close the murmur..... Done! Repeat echo shows improvement.
Grey, can't have medication because it is costic on his bowels. June 30th he had his heart murmur surgically repaired. shew.... typing this makes me emotional. (thank you hormones!)
My little Grey strives like a rockstar after that. He gets off the ventilator in a few days....
AND THEN, July 11th, we receive an early morning call from his nurse stating that he was put back on the ventilator. After a lot of ventilator support, and support to help his blood pressure, he turned around in about 24 hours. Cause: unknown, likely an infection somewhere. All cultures are negative. We will likely never know the cause, which is fine. I just don't want it to happen again!

Let's just say that all week, there has been some intense praying for the kids. There really isn't much else to do. You have no control, the only real thing is to drop to your knees and hope that GOD is listening and has the same plan as you do!

Updates currently:
Grey is doing great. Tomorrow he should get back to just a nasal canula oxygen. He is on CPAP now, which has his poor little nose scrunched up, and truly makes the little man mad! He is getting breastmilk again, and up to where he was before his bout of whatever it was.

Lillian is a superstar. She has been taking some of her food in a bottle. Today she took less than days previously, but that is to be expected. She is not on any oxygen, and gaining weight!

Owen is the big boy! He too is growing, and taking some bottle breastmilk. He is off oxygen. It's quite funny that some have said that his hair is turning red. I'm not seeing it, and Todd says, "NO it isn't!" nonetheless, it's interesting to see them grow.
More later....brauts and mashed potatoes for dinner!

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