Saturday, July 17, 2010


Well, this is my first attempt to blog EVER! I really want to give this my best effort, so that I can document the triplets, and our journey from the NICU to all the wonderful events that we are looking forward to.
Let me start out by saying, I am not an english major.... soooooo, it is unlikely that there will always be correct grammar and spelling.

A little about my family!!!
I am married to Todd. We have been married since November 9, 2002. I am a nurse. I have a job now that is super.... I work at home, for a large insurance company and it REALLY fits my life! In my former life, I worked many ICU jobs, and also worked as a transplant coordinator for several years. My husband works in finance, and always has. That is our boring professional life.
Now for the real things that count..... After both earning or graduate degrees, we decided it was time to have children...... SO, after 4 rounds of Clomid, 2 rounds of femara/follistim IUI's, 2 fresh IVF, 1 frozen IVF.... 2 miscarriages, a diagnosis of hypothyroid, and MTHFR.... we hit the jackpot with TRIPLETS!
Pregnancy with triplets is no joke, that is the best I can say about it. At 9 weeks I had a kidney stone, (while traveling out of town for work). At 13 weeks I had an abdominal cerclage (TAC). 16 weeks hospitlization for dehydration. 22 weeks hospitalization for preterm labor. 27 weeks hospitalization for pre-eclampsia.... delivery at 30 weeks, on the button!
There were some complications with the c-section. The spinal was unsuccessful, and I ended up needing general anesthesia. Let me also just throw out there that mag drips have to be some form of torture somewhere! AND our family quickly expanded from 2, to 5!!!!!

THEN, starts the NICU rollercoaster!

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