Saturday, July 24, 2010

Let's hope to never have to repeat 7/23/10

I have little time to update, but Grey had a bad day yesterday. He started to get worse mid morning, very unstable.... Literally, we were watching him die.
After much thought, and praying, and the instinct to follow my intuition, the GI surgeon came to Grey's bedside and basically told us there was no huge blaring reason to take him to surgery, but that he knew I had been "wanting" Grey to go to surgery for 2 days now to explore his belly as that is where I thought his problem was coming from, and he would do it if we felt that strongly about it. At the end of the conversation, Todd and I basically decided, nothing was making him better, we had to take the chance of surgery even though we knew he may not make it out of surgery. After a quick baptism, and many tears, we said our "good bye until later's" kissed him and let it all be in the hands of God.
After about 30 minutes, one of our nurses that had her day off (Grey's primary nurse) Becca came through the door of the room we were in, and she was definitely a site for sore eyes! LOVE YOU BECCA! We talked about Grey, cried a bit, and just waited.
Then the good news came from Lilly's primary nurse Brooke, that was taking care of Grey... and helping out in surgery (at the bedside in the middle of the NICU because he was so sick they didn't want to move him down to the OR suite)... she came in and told us that the majority of the intestine looked good. LOVE YOU BROOKE! About a minute after that, our neonatologist came in, and said that there was about a 10 cm place that may need to come out..... and indeed that was the case. They resected 10 more cm of his small intestine.... (jejunum) and that Grey was doing very well in surgery, this would still leave him with plenty of intestine, and really was the best case scenario.
After many sighs of relief, Dr. Hendrickson came in and told us that story as well.
Grey's night was better. He has gotten a lot of blood products, but is stable on the blood pressure medicine and is continuing to improve. We are not out of the woods yet, as he is still sick, but he is continuing to improve, and not declining like he did before surgery.
Please say a little prayer for Grey today, he is in need. This little man is a fighter, he will be just fine! I think the worst is behind us, better things to come soon!

This picture was of Grey a little before he got sick with his first round of infection, which makes me think it was his bowel the whole time.

The little bag you see on him is from his first bowel resection where they took out 1cm of jejunum.... Love the little smile in this picture! Note the diaper that he has on is a preemie diaper, it's a bit to big! lol

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  1. Tiff and Todd -

    You are always in our thoughts and prayers.
    There are lots of guardian angels watching over
    all of you.

    We love you.

    Aunt Sally