Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T minus 2 weeks.... or sooner

Well, talked to the neonatologist today, and Owen and Lillian will be ready to come home in about 10 days to 2 weeks. Todd and I are very happy about this. It's bitter sweet though, since Grey will still be in the NICU. Grey will hopefully have his intestine reconnected by mid Sept, and home not to much longer than that. It is very hard to be torn between so happy for Lil and Owen.... and grieving that Grey won't be joining us at home for quite some time. We'll have to make it work though.

Today Lilly ate pretty well. There was really nothing much new with her.
Owen at well too. He ate most of his bottles. They are both starting to cry before meals, which is a cue that they are getting the hang of this eating thing.
Grey will start to get 1ml an hour of breastmilk tomorrow through his tube in his nose. That is exciting. His white blood cell counts are still up. I will be praying that this comes down, and that he has no more infection. Grey is due for some good luck!

On another note... Todd is planning a "date night" for Saturday. Dinner and a movie sounds really good. He also is planning what he calls "CABO 2012". He is pretty adament that we are going to Cabo in May 2012.... The kids will be almost 2! Wow, that is hard to picture! We'll see. I'll let him put the money away, and we both may change our minds on that one. It'd be hard to leave the triplets to go out of the country.

This weekend we are going to have to work on the house a little bit. Make sure things are in place for the kids to come home, which includes getting up some dog gates. I think the dogs will not particularly like this... but until we know how they'll react to the kids we're going to have to make it safe for all of us. The dogs are good dogs. But, we've never made them be gentle. They've never really had a reason to be; no children were ever in our house. It will definitely be interesting the next few weeks!


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  2. I can't wait for this. I can't wait to just HOLD them! Thinking and praying for you guys always. Hope to see you soon. Love you