Sunday, September 19, 2010

another good day

Today was another good day for Grey. There is a little improvement, and his labs look great. They did open up his wound, and are now packing it to make it heal from the in side out. Although it doesn't look great, the wound itself looks much better. He has quite a ways to be weaned from the jet vent, but stable is good.... and we will take it. I just called tonight, and they were able to wean him again. Maybe by the end of the week he will be off the vent, although that may be aggressive.
Lillian and Owen have an MD appt tomorrow. I am looking for them to change Owen off his preemie formula, and to a regular lower calorie formula because he is growing quickly... although I bet he is still in the 20% percentile for wt. Afterall he is 3 months old.
That's all I got!
Big thanks again to my mom, sister, and in-laws for holding down the fort while we were at the hospital!
Have a good week!

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