Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking ahead

First of all, Todd brought to my attention today that there wasn't a "solo" picture of Hendrix on the blog. This is a dog we got from Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue in 2004. So, if you want a good northern breed, and are a good pet owner... or just want to donate... they are a great organization. He is a very good dog. As you see, he doesn't miss a meal but is otherwise very patient. He doesn't have a lick of sense... but gosh, I love that dog!

OH, we get the Traverse back tomorrow. I will appreciate that truck a lot more. I missed my XM, OnStar, Navigation, back up camera and sun roofs.... That little dodge crossover just wasn't cutting it! ;)

Now on to the kids...

We went to see Grey today. He was good. Kind of emotional when we left. I made Owen and Lillian give him a smooch good bye.... well, in preemie standards it was a kiss. Here is their last picture together with Grey when he has a bag. Grey has an IV in his arm, so he can only have one arm in his sleeve. I staged them wittingly I might add, with their NICU orange pacifiers, which Owen really doesn't like, Lilly prefers them, and that's all Grey knows. I thought it was cute.
Wish us luck tomorrow.... his surgery was bumped up to 1pm.... please pray all goes well, he comes off the ventilator quickly, and he has no complications. I'll update when time allows.

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