Wednesday, September 8, 2010

T minus 1 week..... Operation put Humpty back together!

Grey's surgery is 1 week from today. I have a lot of anticipation, anxiety, excitement... etc. The list goes on. We went to see Grey today, and he was awake a little, but mostly comfortably asleep. He had therapy today, so that usually wears him out, plus Todd held him for quite some time.

We know that Grey's surgery should be the easiest he's gone through. If all the pre-surgical testing is good, then likely he will lose no more bowel unless things get ugly. The issues with Grey after surgery could be one of many. He will have to learn to suck all of his food thru a nipple of the bottle. He has limited experience with this, as he gets it through his tube mostly right now. Toleration of food is an issue. He's gonna most likely have some issues with that. Not dumping all of his food into his lower small intestine, and causing lots of diarrhea issues. He will undoubtedly have reflux, and that could cause some issues with his desire to eat, or keep things down. I'm still looking at a goal of Halloween to get him home. I think that is still realistic. Only time will tell. Right now since his large intestine hasn't been used since day 2-3 of his life, it is pretty atrophied. He is getting enemas every twelve hours to stimulate some growth and function to the large intestine.... that in itself doesn't sound fun. The kid has been through so much! I can handle feeding issues. I just pray to GOD that we don't have other issues like we have in the past, like sepsis, dead gut, infection of any sort, more gut that needs to be resected etc..... I pray this is as smooth as it can possibly be!

Lilly and Owen are doing well. We weighed them today in the NICU, and Lilly was 7'5, and Owen was a wopping 9'6. I was stunned by both of those!

We are still battling the issues with the wreck. I got the police report today. I am still having back and neck pain, although it seems less severe, it's more nagging. Everytime I get up and feel the lower back ache, I am mad... mad that it is one more thing added to my plate. Mad at the inconvenience of having to go to the doctor and get adjusted, and heat and ice, etc. All because of someone not paying attention. I try to tell myself it's good nobody was hurt.... but it sure doesn't feel like nobody was hurt when my back aches at 4 am. Already being sleep deprived, backpain pushes me to the edge of the ledge..... However, there is no good that comes from stewing over it.... Getting mad just makes my coping a little harder. So, we keep trucking. Ibuprofen, don't fail me now!

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