Saturday, September 18, 2010

A set back

Well, it's been a long 48 hours. Thursday early morning, I called the NICU, and Grey had been placed on another ventilator and was having low blood pressure problems. I got to the NICU about 4am Thursday morning, and just now getting home from that.Laura was his nurse that night, and I knew he was in good hands. I ended up staying Thursday night there.
After going on a vent called the oscillator, which theoretically should have helped, he had to go to a vent called the jet vent. The jet vent gives him about 300 breaths per minute in order to keep him oxygenated. Thursday during the day he required maximal support with the vent, and multiple medications to keep his blood pressure up. He was basically a patient that needed 2 nurses to take care of him. Thanks Shelly, and everyone that helped!
Thursday night, he seemed to turn a corner, and they were able to wean off the blood pressure meds. Today he was up and down. Although his vitals are mainly stable, his respiratory status is a little less stable. He is still requirying a lot of ventilator support, and not able to wean down the support at all... but maintaining his own on what he is on. His incision from the surgery is red, might have a little infection below the skin, or it just might be inflammation from being pulled so tight from the surgery. Surgery is aware, and increased his antibiotic coverage and doing a few different labs to watch it a bit closer.
I just called, and his blood gases are better and stable still... which is a definite plus. I think looking at Halloween for a discharge date is a little unrealistic right now. His bowel isn't even remotely thinking about working, blood flow to the bowel right now, is our main goal. Going to set a new goal of Thanksgiving. As long as my Grey is healthy and well, he can stay as long as he wants.
I just want to thank Becca, Brooke, Erin, Shelly, and Laura for taking care of my little Grey. Even the nurses that weren't there taking care of him, took time out of their schedules and called in to the nurse taking care of him to see how he was doing.
It is a set back for Grey. In times like these, I find myself being the old ICU nurse. The person that puts up a guard to protect my emotions. I'm having a hard time not doing that, and just being a mommy to him. I think he knows it's me talking to him, as when I did a few times today, his heart rate went up, and he squeezed my fingers. But he needs to heal, and that will come from rest which will help his lungs be more compliant with the ventilator. Gosh I love that little man, but walking into that room is heart breaking at times. I pray that he will be ok, and will come out on the other end of this a healthy, happy little boy. Please join me in that prayer. I'll update as time allows. Please also pray for my mom, sister, and in-laws that have taken on Lilly and Owen duty! They have done a great job so far! Thanks to them as well for helping us out and letting us be where we need to be!
Thanks again everyone!

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